What Is The Favour Of God?


(i)            Favour (2580 Strongs) = grace/look kindly upon, treat with partiality, have unusual advantage.

·         Favour of God is the power and presence of God acting on your behalf to give you advantage in life so will of God can be accomplished through you.


(ii)           Favour of God takes you from your present situation into your destiny.


·         Genesis 39:4-21 – Joseph favoured ή promoted.

·         Genesis 41:40-41 – Joseph went from prison to palace in a day.


(iii)          Favour of God enables you to have influence with people.


·         Daniel 1:8-9 – God brought Daniel into favour.

·         Note:  Daniel did not need to strive/struggle – God worked on his behalf.

·         Daniel eventually promoted over whole land.


(iv)         Favour of God can totally change your circumstances.


·         Ruth 2:10 – Ruth was impoverished, living in foreign country, widowed.

·         Ruth 4:13 – Remained faithful to God – became the boss’s wife.


(v)          Favour of God grows steadily, little by little, but can manifest suddenly.


·         Luke 2:52  “Jesus grew … in favour with God and man.”

·         When Jesus emerged into ministry – all were astonished.


·         1 Samuel 16:13 – David suddenly emerged.


(vi)         Favour of God can be a source of conflict!


·         Matthew 27:18 – Jesus was delivered up to death because envied.

·         Acts 7:9 – Josephs brothers sold him because envied.

·         Acts 13:45 – NT church opposed because envied.

·         1 Samuel – David was envied and attacked by Saul.







How Is The Favour Of God Released?


Favour ή seems as though God is partial.

Romans 2:11 – There is no respect of persons with God.

Respect (4382 Strongs) = favouritism, partiality


1              Hunger for the presence of God

·         1 Samuel 2:20 – Samuel grew in favour with the Lord and also with men.

·         Note: vs 11,18 – Samuel ministered to the Lord.

·         In time of moral/spiritual corruption he hungered for God and served Him.


2              Faith – Confident, expectant attitude towards God

·         Hebrews 11:6 – without faith it is impossible to please Him.

·         Men who obtained favour of God believed His word and trusted Him.


3              Obedience – Listen and obey God’s directions in life

·         Deuteronomy 28:2  “All these blessings shall come on you, and overtake you, if you shall hearken to the voice of the Lord.”


4              Humility – Respect for God’s authority, placement, timing

·         Luke 2:51 – Jesus was subject to them – and grew!


5              Attitude to people – Honesty and kindness in dealing with people

·         Proverbs 3:3-4 – mercy and truth.

·         God watches your attitudes, dealings, reactions to people.

·         Mercy = loving kindness; respect; goodness; steadfastness love; faithfulness ή strength + steadfastness + love.

·         Truth = trustworthiness; faithfulness; true to your word.



Doorway to favour with God is relationship with Jesus Christ.