1      God’s Kingdom to be established on earth.  Daniel 2


2      Kingdoms in conflict – origin of sin.  Matthew 7:21


3      Reformation under Josiah.  Matthew 11:12  Force/conflict.

2 Chronicles 34


4      Foundations – build you.  (vs11)


5      Establish priority of worship.  (vs12-13)


6      Restoration Word of God in proper place.



Found a book of the lawvs14


(i)             Word of God had been lost during time of national backsliding.

·         Loss of foundational principles to build life upon.

·         Loss of standards and requirements of God in personal living.

·         Period of darkness – every person doing what’s right in their own eyes.

·         Amos 8:11 – famine for hearing.


Neglect/ignorance of Word of God


(ii)            Reformation brings a new focus on the Word of God.

·         “Ancient paths to tread on”.  Jeremiah 6:16; 18:15

·         Cannot live off spiritual experiences, must build principles.

·         Authority of Word of God restored.  Jeremiah 15:16


Words found/assimilated into life/good results



Response to Word of God = Response to God Himself


John 1:1            Genesis 1:1

·         God manifests Himself to those that keep his commandments.  John 14:21

·         Nehemiah 8:5-6  People stood up, bowed heads and worshipped, wept with deep conviction of condition.


Isaiah 66:2,5  “trembled at my word”   ie, deep respect and reverence for the Word of God.






Proverbs 2:1-5

Six conditions:

·         Receive My word (good ground).

·         Hide My commandments with you (memorise/meditate).

·         Incline ear (listen attentively).

·         Apply heart to understanding (hunger, thirst).

·         Cry out for insight, raise voice for understanding (pray, mourn).

·         Seek, search, diligent study (silver, hidden treasure).

Þ   Understand the fear of the Lord, find the knowledge of God.


Your response, attitude to Word of God and its authority?

Developing fresh love and respect for Word of God

Daily in the Word, feeding off the Word?



King’s Responsevs19-21, 27


·         Humble and tender heart.  Joel 2:13

·         Conviction and grief over sin.  Deuteronomy 28

·         Fresh hunger for presence of God.

c/f  Luke 24 – did not our hearts burn within us.

·         New level of sensitivity and accountability to God.

·         Romans 12:1-2  Þ  Change



How to Receive from Word of God


Your part          - study/meditate

Holy Spirit         - bring revelation on truth

2 Thessalonians 3:1-5  Let word run swiftly – gain entrance into church.



Commitment to read/study



Use Word of God as source:

·         Wisdom

·         Instruction

·         Guidance












2 Chronicles 34:14-28



1              Verse 14 tells of Hilkiah finding the ‘Book of the Law’.  In what ways has our nation lost the ‘Word of God’?


2              What was the king’s response when he heard the ‘Word of God’ and what did it mean?  Verse 19


3              Have you ever had an experience when the ‘Word of God’ has spoken to you?  Tell us about that.


4              What did God say about Josiah’s response?  Verse 27.  What strikes you most about Josiah’s response?


5              How important are the words of the Bible to you in your daily life?


6              Have you had a time when you have made decisions or made a change of lifestyle based on what you have read in the Bible?  Tell us about an instance of this.


7              What challenges you most about this passage and what will you do about it?