1      Every Christian is Called to be Productive


John 15:16  “You have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that you should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain.”


·         Chose (1586 Strongs) = to select, to pick out from among others.

·         Followers of Jesus have been chosen, selected by Him for particular purpose.

·         Ordained (5087 Strongs) = to appoint, position for particular purpose.

·         God has positioned every believer:

(i)        Naturally – you have a sphere of influence in the community.

(ii)       Spiritually – you have a position/relationship with God.

·         God expects every believer to be a channel of His life and blessing to others.

·         God has purposed that every believer produce lasting fruit.

o      Fruit that remains Ž of lasting value, permanent.

o      Fruit that remains Ž souls/lives impacted for Christ.

·         Jesus’ command:

(i)        Go Ž Take the initiative, move out of comfort zone.

(ii)       Bring forth Ž To bear, produce fruit.

·         Every believer is both an ambassador and a builder.

o      You are called to represent Christ and speak on His behalf (ambassador).

o      You are called to build into the lives of people on behalf of Christ.

o      No Christian can excuse themselves from the Great Commission.

o      You are an ambassador, you are a builder!  What are you building?

o      Our culture has rejected Christian/Bible values – you speak and build on behalf of Christ and His Kingdom.  You need to know what the Word of God says.

·         The disciples were the ones called Christians – Christ.  (Acts 11:26)

·         John 8:31  “If you continue in My word, you are My disciples.”


2      Your Character Influences Your Fruitfulness


2 Peter 1:5-11  “Giving all diligence, add to your faith virtue …”


·         Giving diligence (4710 Strongs) = carefulness, speed, hasten to accomplish.

·         Add (2023 Strongs) = to furnish besides.

·         Your character is who you are, your ways of thinking, acting.

·         New believers who have received Christ are urged to add to their lives certain qualities so that they will be fruitful.

·         Add Ž take personal responsibility to build qualities into your life.

(i)            Virtue – excellence in every area of your life

(ii)           Knowledge – knowledge discovered by seeking and experience

(iii)          Temperance – self control

(iv)         Patience – positive endurance

(v)          Godliness – holiness, personal purity

(vi)         Brotherly kindness – love for fellow Christians

(vii)        Charity – sacrificial love for benefit of others



·         Believers are responsible to build these qualities into their life ie, responsible to develop their character.

·         Benefits of building/developing your character:

(i)            Fruitful (vs8)

·         When these qualities abound they ensure you are not barren (inactive, unemployed, useless) nor unfruitful.


(ii)           Stability (vs10)

·         Developing these qualities ensure you do not stumble and fall away from your purpose and destiny.


(iii)          Abundant Entrance into the Kingdom (vs11)

·         Peter was motivated by a desire for an eternal reward in the coming kingdom of Jesus Christ.

·         You are called not to just ‘go to heaven’, but to be productive in labour for Christ and earn eternal reward.

·         You can not add to the work Christ did to save you.  You do work to obtain His approval and reward as a servant.


·         Note:  Every believer shall stand before Christ to be rewarded (or to suffer loss) because of how they laboured to serve Him.  (2 Corinthians 5:10)

·         (vs9) Failure to build Ž ‘Blind’ = has no vision of eternal values.


3      Your Work/Fruit for Christ Qualifies You for Reward


1 Corinthians 3:8-15


·         Reward (3408 Strongs) = pay for services, wages, earnings for work done.

·         (vs9) We are all builders – we cooperate with God in building into lives.

·         (vs11) The foundation of building is spiritual – imparting knowledge of Jesus Christ.  The foundation is the Lordship of Christ – who He is, what He did, His work.

·         (vs12) Building materials may vary according to their nature.

o      What is built under the direction of the Holy Spirit and based on Word of God abides.

o      Opinions, human ideas and values, wrong motives do not remain.

·         (vs 8 & 14) Builders are all rewarded according to what they have built.

o      What are you building into the lives of people of eternal value?

o      Sort (3697 Strongs) = what kind, how excellent.

·         Picture of two men crossing into eternity, facing evaluations for their service as a Christian and qualifications for reward:

(i)            Makes it in having lost everything – no eternal reward.

(ii)           Abundant entrance – celebrated as a hero deserving reward.