1      Introduction


·         Ever heard a “lame excuse”?  For job not done, for job poorly done?

·         How did you respond?  Great effort to prepare meal and hear lame excuse!

·         Proverbs 26:13  The slothful man says “There is a lion in the way!”

·         Makes excuses for work not done – real problem = just lazy!

·         How does God respond to our excuses?

·         Luke 14:16-24  The parable of the great supper

·         Parable = Story to illustrate a principle or teaching.

·         Parables are both (a) prophetic and (b) practical.

·         This parable was told when Jesus was invited to feast with Pharisees.



2      Prophetic Application


a)    Key Theme: The Great Supper

i)      Responded to invitation – received Christ

ii)     Made themselves ready – qualified by lifestyle, qualified by works



b)    1st Invitation (vs16)

·         “Certain man made a great supper and bade many”.

·         Certain man is God the Father.

·         The servant who made the invitation = John the Baptist.

·         “Repent – the kingdom of God is at hand” (Luke 3).

·         Invitation to enter/experience the blessings of the kingdom of God.

·         Kingdom = realm of rule of king.

·         Invitation went out to Israel to enter relationship with Jesus Christ.



c)    2nd Invitation (vs17)






d)    3rd Invitation (vs21)



e)    4th Invitation (vs23)



3      Practical Application


(a)  “Stop making excuses”

i)      Excuse

·         Attempt to free oneself from responsibility (duty).

·         Attempt to free oneself from guilt/blame (failure).


ii)     Excuse

·         Reason for avoiding the will of God for your life.


iii)    Excuse

·         My substitute for God’s best in my life.


iv)   Excuse

·         Reveals priorities – what is really important to me!


v)    Excuse

·         Reveals my will – what I really choose to do.



(b)  Excuses don’t count with God

(i)    Piece of ground = farm, material possession


(ii)   5 yoke oxen = business, employment


(iii)  Married wife = personal relationships



·         The master of the house was angry.

·         Angry (3710 Strongs) = to provoke, become exasperated, to provoke to take a different course of action.

·         Because invitation was treated as unimportant the master changed his plans by setting them aside and inviting others.

·         Compare Numbers 14:34  Israel set aside because of unbelief.



(c)  Highest priority = Kingdom of God  (Matthew 6:33) = Will of God

i)      Every believer called to serve the king

·         Ephesians 2:10


ii)     Every believer called to be equipped to serve

·         Ephesians 4:11


iii)    Every believer is called to be ambassador or reconciliation

·         2 Corinthians 5:20

·         Ambassador – minister of sovereign state sent on mission to another country.


iv)   Every believer is called to be fishers of men

·         Matthew 4:19


Þ What excuses are you making for not extending the Kingdom of God?


·         Exodus 3:14  God would not listen to Moses’ excuses – won’t listen to yours.

·         God linked him to work with brother but no change in purpose.