Making Your Home A Centre Of Ministry


1      Introduction



2      Jesus modelled hospitality


(i)             Jesus invited people to His own home

John 1:37-39  Where do you live?

·         Response:  Come and see – come and stay.

·         Jesus made people welcome to eat and to stay with Him.

·         He made His personal life available and accessible to others.

·         Consequence:  vs41-42  evangelism

·         Evangelism is natural overflow of hospitality.


(ii)            Jesus cooked a meal for His friends

John 21:9-13  Anyone for fish and chips?

·         Jesus had prepared a meal for the disciples.

·         Jesus personally served them.

·         Jesus used it as an opportunity to restore relationships.

·         Hospitality is about cultivating relationships.

·         Note:  Jesus expected supernatural provision  eg, fed 5000.


(iii)           Jesus welcomed and ate with people who had failed

Luke 15:1-2  “Then drew near all the publicans and sinners to hear Him.”

·         Criticism of Jesus:  He receives sinners and eats with them.

·         “Receives” (4327 Strongs) = to admit to hospitality, to receive near.

·         Jesus accepted people who had failed without judging.

·         Jesus used hospitality to make people welcome.

·         Eat Þ Had meal together.

·         Jesus used hospitality as a way of communicating love and truth.








(iv)          Jesus invites all who have failed to a meal with Him

Luke 14:23  “Go out into the highways and hedges and compel them to come in.”

·         Jesus was eating a meal with one of the religious leaders (vs1).

·         Jesus used the setting of a meal/hospitality to teach:

i)      Principle of humility (vs7-11)

ii)     Reward for hospitality to needy people (vs12-14)

iii)    Salvation = invitation to a great supper with God

·         Highlight of God’s plan is a great marriage feast of celebration.

·         Hospitality is a vital part of the Gospel message.

·         Note:  Invite people who need hospitality, inclusion – not comfort zone.


3      Hospitality = Making your home a centre of ministry


(i)             Hospitality is the ministry of every believer

1 Peter 4:8-9  Use hospitality one to another without grudging

·         Hospitality = practical expression of love.

·         Do it without grudging = complain, negative attitude.

·         Jesus evaluates sheep and goats (Matthew 25:32-33 – hospitality!


(ii)            There are some people we are not to be hospitable to

1 Corinthians 5:11  “brother … not to eat.” 

·         Unsaved are always welcome!  (2 John 10  unless bring another gospel).

·         Unrepentant, backslidden Christians are not!  c/f  2 Thessalonians 2:14

·         God requires that we take strong stands over sin (in Church).

·         The heart of God is for restoration.


(iii)           There are some people to look out for to be hospitable


Young people         Single people                Widows                  People in need

New people             Solo parents                 Neighbours             Unsaved

·         Use every opportunity you can to include others!

·         Psalm 68:6  “God sets solitary in families” Þ someone who loves God opens their home to solitary people.


(iv)          Practical keys

·         Make people feel welcome.

·         Be attentive to their needs.

·         Focus on friendship.

·         Relax – have fun – it is not a performance!

·         Keep it simple.

·         Be natural – not trying to impress.

·         Do it as a team – share the work.

·         Establish boundaries:  Children; areas of home; manners; time etc.