1      Introduction


Daniel 2:44

·         “Kingdom” = reign of king – where his word and will are established.

·         ̃ order, authority, rank.  Laws of kingdom not subject to vote/opinion.

·         ̃ word of king is obeyed.  Not a democracy.

·         God shall set up ̃ purpose of God is to establish His rule.


Matthew 4:17  Jesus:  Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand.

·         ̃ conflict exists – resistance exists to the rule of God.

·         ̃ opposition exists in world to God’s reign and purposes being established.

·         ̃ to experience kingdom blessings we must make changes.

·         Repent ̃ realign life where it is opposed to Word of God.

·         To experience blessing benefits, must make change to thoughts, to attitudes, to values.


2      Unseen Spirit World – Place of Conflict


Daniel 10:12-13  Daniel experiences reality of conflict in unseen spirit world.

·         Revelation of “Prince of kingdom of Persia” – unseen spirit being.

·         Existence of unseen spirit world around us – opposed to kingdom of God.

·         Opposition is continued and intense, involves conflict in spirit being.


2 Corinthians 12:2  Paul caught up to third heaven – realm of God resides.

·         If there is third heaven – must be a first and second heaven.

·         First heaven is the physical heaven – natural world (Psalm 19:1).

·         Second heaven is the unseen spirit realm around us.


Ephesians 2:2-3  “… prince of power of the air, the spirit that now works in …”

·         “Prince” (758 Strongs) = first in rank or power.

·         “Power” (1849 Strongs) = delegated authority, jurisdiction.

·         “Air” (109 Strongs) = air people breath, atmosphere.

·         Evil spirit beings operate from spirit world influencing people.

·         “Worketh” (1756 Strongs) = to be active, energised, work effectually.

·         Key that allows Satan to operate and extend his influences.

·         “Disobedience” (545 Strongs) =  resistant, unpersuadable, rebellious.

·         ̃ obstinate rejection of the will of God.

·         ̃ distrust of God resulting in resistance to His order.

·         Wicked spirit beings seek out people to control or indwell.

·         Lucifer was a created being.  Ezekiel 28:13  Jesus the creator (Colossians 1:16).

·         vs 15  “Iniquity” = to distort, corrupt.

·         ̃ another will (Isaiah 14:12-14).

·         Sin first existed in heart of Lucifer ̃ cast out of heaven, became Satan – ‘accuser’.

·         Satan and evil spirit beings under his control exist in invisible realm, second heaven.

·         Evil spirits seek to influence/control/indwell people to express evil.

·         They have:

Devices (2 Corinthians 2:11) ̃ covert operation, scheme, plan.

Wiles (Ephesians 6:11) ̃ trickery, methods to walk over people.



3      The Entrance of Sin


Romans 5:12  For by one man sin entered the world and death by sin.

·         Sin and evil had to come from somewhere – came from Satan ̃ entered world.

·         World ̃ people, mankind.


Genesis 2:15-17  God’s mandate to Adam.

·         Adam given free will ̃ evidence of God’s love and desire for relationship

·         You cannot force someone to love you, they must choose to.

·         Choice ̃ free will ̃ responsible for choice and for outcome.


What is sin?

1 John 3:4  “… sin is the transgression of the law”  ie lawlessness.

·         “Lawlessness” = refusal to submit to the authority and laws of God.

·         “Sin” = rejection of the will and word of God and substitution of selfwill.


How did it enter?

Genesis 3

·         Serpent ignored the generosity and provision of God, focused on exception.

·         He attacked the character of God – accused Him of withholding.

·         By making God appear unjust and unfair the serpent could attack His authority.

·         Serpent destroyed foundation of loyalty and obedience by contradicting God’s word.

(i)             God is not to be trusted – withholding (vs5).

(ii)            No consequence for sin, exerting own will (vs4).

(iii)           Become wise, powerful, in charge – like God (vs5,6).


·         Character and authority of God eroded by deception.

·         Note entrance:  guilt, shame, fear, unbelief, accusation, blame shifting.  (Genesis 4) jealousy, bitterness, resentment, hatred, violence, murder.

·         Sin entered – spirits entered and expressed themselves.


Obedience transfers authority

John 8:34-36  Whosoever commits sin is the servant of sin.

·         Sin gives legal right for evil spirits to express themselves.

·         Whenever we reject will and word of God and assert own will ̃ spirits are empowered.

·         Whenever will and word of God is done – Holy Spirit is empowered to move.

·         To overcome evil spirits and release God’s provision, must overcome sin.


·         At cross:  Jesus disempowered spirits by His obedience to death.

·         Now He has all authority over heaven and earth.


Matthew 4:17  Repent, the kingdom of God is at hand.

·         Acknowledge and give allegiance to King Jesus.


Matthew 7:21  Do the will of God – obedience.





Daniel 10:1-14



1      What is the setting of the chapter?



2      What does it mean in verse 2 when it says that Daniel “mourned”?



3      How does the messenger in the vision describe what Daniel was doing?



4      What experiences have you had with fasting?



5      How long did it take for Daniel to get an answer to his prayer?



6      What resisted the answer to Daniels prayer?



7      What area in your life do you desperately want a breakthrough?



8      What can you learn from Daniel in getting a breakthrough in your life?