1      Introduction


Acts 27:20,25  All hope that we should be saved was then taken away.


·         “Hope” (1680 Strongs) = to look forward to with expectation and desire.  To anticipate with pleasure.

·         We are designed to be a people of hope – looking forward expectantly.

·         God is a God of all hope – wants us to abound in hope (Romans 15:13).

·         God’s plans for us are good so can abound in hope (Jeremiah 29:11).

·         Without hope – people live day to day.

·         “Hope taken away” = No storm can steal your destiny!  “Can let it go!”

·         vs25  “I believe” – must exert faith in what God says about the future.  Not what people or circumstances say.



2      The man who hopes in God is blessed


Jeremiah 17:7  Blessed is the man that trusts in the Lord and whose hope the Lord is.


·         “Trust” (982 Strongs) = run for refuge; be bold; be careless; have confidence.

·         “Hope” (4009 Strongs) = assurance; security; hope.

·         Must choose what you put your confidence in and who put it in.

·         Blessings abound for man who trusts the Lord and hopes in Him.

·         ie looks forward expectantly and joyfully for what God will do!

Word picture:  Tree planted by rivers of water

i)              Draws from hidden source of life – not dependant on circumstances

ii)             Stability – roots go down deep

iii)            Confident – unconcerned by seasons of ‘heat’

iv)            Vitality – green leaves

v)             Peace – not anxious during difficult season

vi)            Fruitful – continually producing fruit to be eaten and to sow



3      How God restores hope


·         Hope can be lost – “taken away”.

i)              Don’t get what you expect – delays

ii)             Get something didn’t expect - disappointment

·         Can gradually “lose heart” – hope withers away.

·         When hope is lost Ž faith decreases (Hebrews 11:1)

·         When hope is lost Ž other things substitute

Example:  Luke 24:13-33   Disciples

a)     “Two of them” Ž Disciples; Followers of Christ

·         Felt call of Christ and responded to follow

·         Inspired by person, teaching, miracles

·         Full of vision and hope for future

·         Now – disappointed, perplexed, grief, loss of hope



b)    “Departed from Jerusalem”

·         Jerusalem = City of Peace = centre of worship – local church

·         Place of conflict, pain, cross, lost hope

·         “Eyes hidden” Ž unable to recognise Jesus

·         Departed from Jerusalem for substitute place

·         “Emmaus” = “Warm springs” = place of comfort

·         What is your Emmaus – place of comfort for pain?

·         Cross - always part of discipleship Ž Will of God crosses your will Ž sorrow, rejection

·         Many want blessings of God without ways of God!

·         “Enemies of the Cross”  Philippians 3:18 – mind earthly things


c)     How Jesus restored hope


i)      He drew near to them                 Verse 15

·         Presence

·         He went with them


ii)     He drew out their condition        Verse 17-25

·         Facts – what had happened (vs17)

·         Feelings – how they felt about it (vs17)

·         Beliefs – “we trusted” Ž source of loss, hope cut off

·         Confusion – uncertainty what to think


iii)    He exposed the core problem – unbelief      Verse 25

·         “Fools” -  without understanding how God works


iv)    He renewed their focus on the Word of God

·         Opened their understanding

·         Explained the cross

·         Their hearts “burned” = to set on fire, kindle, burst into flame

·         Word of God – fuels your faith and feeds inner man

·         Note:  Word calls for a response – “They constrained him”

·         “Constrain” = to compel; pressure by words; be forceful


v)     He refocused them on covenant       Verse 30-31

·         2 Timothy 2:13  If we believed not, yet he abides faithful

·         1 Thessalonians 5:24  Faithful is he that calls you who will also do it