1      Introduction

·         Bible abounds in stories of Mother’s who influenced lives of children for good.

·         Story of Hannah – woman who gave a legacy to a nation.

·         Background:

*    Nation had once been great under Godly leadership of Joshua.

*    Nation failed in responsibility as parents to raise children right.

*    Nation “did that which was right in own eyes” (Judges 21:25).

*        Nation was in a place of spiritual poverty and defeat.


2      Characteristics of Hannah

·         Hannah (2584) = to be favoured.

(i)            Turned to God in the midst of crushing disappointments

1 Samuel 1:5-6  Loved by husband but not enough – barren.

·         Adversary provoked her sore.

·         Adversary = female rival, one who troubles and grieves.

·         Provoked = stirred her up so grieved and troubled.

·         Could have become bitter, resentful, twisted by difficulties.

·         Made a choice to reach out to Lord for help.

·         Lord is near to all who call upon Him in faith.


(ii)           Persevered in prayer in spite of delay

1 Samuel 1:7,10-11

·         “Year by year” Þ seemed as if even God not answering.

·         God may delay in answering prayer.

·         No matter how long you pray for spouse/son/daughter, never give up.

·         Tempted to withdraw, doubt, what’s wrong with me?

·         Find out what God wants to do within you during that season.

·         c/f  Hannah talked to God about problems and became strong in spirit.  Eli talked to son’s weakly about problems, failed to act strongly.


(iii)          Made God’s purpose the centre of her life

1 Samuel 1:11  “I will give him to the Lord.”

·         Looked beyond herself and own needs, to needs in nation.

·         What want most for your child?  She wanted son to fulfil purpose of God.

·         God answered her prayer as her plans yielded to His purpose.

·         Samuel influenced by Godly Mother – shaped his values/destiny during the crucial early years – loved/spoke into/trained.

·         Laid foundation for son’s to know and serve God.

·         c/f  Eli – indulged son’s – religion – no reality/selfish – no interest in spirit – drove people away from God – selfish – became dangerous.

·         Hannah’s influence affected the nation.

·         Unexpected benefit – 1 Samuel 2:5  Had seven children.