1      Introduction


Daniel 2:44  “The God of heaven shall set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed… it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand forever.”


·         News media are full of problems, troubles but Bible abounds in hope!

·         Daniel interpreted a prophetic dream involving five world kingdoms – most has happened.

·         Prophecy yet to be fulfilled concerning the kingdom God will establish.

·         “Kingdom” (4437 Strongs) = dominion, reign of king, empire, realm of rule or authority.

·         “Kingdom” (935 Strongs) = a foundation of authority and power.

·         Note the characteristics of that kingdom:

(i)             “God shall set up” = appointed, established by God

(ii)            “Never be destroyed” = enduring character, unable to be ruined

(iii)           “Break in pieces and consume” = to crumble, crush, and bring to an end

(iv)          “Stand forever” = enduring, eternal character of this kingdom

·         All of God’s purposes are moving to fulfil this prophecy!

·         Jesus’ message was “the Kingdom” and His disciple’s prayer “Thy Kingdom come”.

·         Luke 17:21  “Behold, the kingdom of God is within you.”

·         The kingdom or rule of God is a spiritual kingdom manifest in and through people.

·         “Kingdom” = realm over which a king rules and His word is obeyed.

·         Whatever you yield to and obey will rule your life and manifest through you.

·         Must be born again or cannot see the Kingdom of God (John 3:3).


2      The Advance of God’s Kingdom


Matthew 9:32 – Matthew 10:1


(a)   The Power of the Kingdom:  “Miracles, Deliverance, Healing”


vs 32-35  Dumb man delivered from evil spirit – being totally healed.

·         God’s kingdom is not just words but demonstration of power (1 Corinthians 4:20).

·         People are tormented and troubled by evil spirit powers and sickness.

·         Jesus demonstrated the power of the kingdom – miraculous force.

·         “Every sickness and every disease” – nothing able to resist advancing kingdom.

·         Christianity is birthed and advanced by supernatural power of God.

·         Must never accept a form of Christianity that is empty of supernatural.

·         Throughout world – a rise of interest and manifestation of supernatural.

·         Supernatural always results in conflict (vs34).


(b)   The Heart of the Kingdom:  “Lost People Matter to God”


vs36  Saw multitudes and was moved with compassion.

·         “Multitudes” (3793 Strongs) = great throng of people crowded together.

·         “Compassion” (4697 Strongs) = deep inward affection and tender mercy.

·         God loves people (John 3:16) and is concerned for their welfare.

·         You have never looked in eyes of a person that God did not love.

·         Condition of people:  harassed and tossed about in same manner as sheep.




·         Sheep have characteristics that are not unlike people:

(i)             Easily lost – stray, can’t find way back

(ii)            No discernment what eat – eat food not good; scours/staggers/cast

(iii)           Fearful, timid – follow crowd when it runs

(iv)          Problems with internal parasites – worms

(v)           Problems with external parasites – fly blown

(vi)          Unable to clean up self – dags

(vii)         Defenceless against predators – need shepherd

·         A key characteristic of kingdom of God is concern for people’s welfare.


(c)   The Need of the Kingdom:  “Labourers”


vs37  Harvest is great but labourers are few.

·         Note the contrast:  harvest great (abundant) – labourers are few.

·         “Labourer” = trained worker with a good attitude.

·         Greatest need in the kingdom of God is for labourers.

·         Apostolic mandate given to church is to raise up disciples of Christ.

·         Five-fold ministry is given to church to equip labourers for the harvest.

·         Church must awaken to need and yield to obedience to Christ.

·         Labourer:

(i)             Trained – must be equipped with knowledge/attitude/skills

(ii)            Worker – must be willing to sacrifice time, energy.  Available for cause of Christ

(iii)           Attitude – positive, faith, teachable, team player

·         Equipping Track is to prepare labourers for the harvest.

·         All work of Senior Pastor overseas is training workers.


(d)   Strategy of the Kingdom:  “Empower People


Daniel 7:22  “… the time came that the saints possessed the kingdom.”

·         God’s strategy involves awakening His people to their purpose and destiny.

·         Since 1948 revival, progressive revelation of five-fold ministries.

·         Now time to realise and understand and embrace – five-fold exists to empower the saints (believers) for the work of ministry.

·         Every member of body is gifted and expected to function (1 Corinthians 12:7).

·         Note: Jesus’ strategy:

(i)             Pray – prayer unlocks the power and resources of God

(ii)            Prepare – disciple Þ teaching people to obey Word of God

(iii)           Empower – release and anoint to minister to others