1      What is the Favour of God?


Luke 1:28-30  “You have found favour with God.”


·         Mary’s life is transformed – lifted to a new level of experience – found favour.

·         Favour - NT (5485 Strongs) – charis =grace, divine power, influence upon life.

·         Favour – OT (2580 Strongs) = grace/to look kindly upon – have an unused advantage.

·         Favour with God = power and presence of God acting on your behalf to give you an advantage in life so the will and purpose of God can be accomplished through you.

·         Mary “found favour”:  Found does not mean just happened, ‘luck’.

·         Found (2147 Strongs) = to find by search, to obtain something sought after.


2      Favour of God Changes Your Life


·         The favour of God resting upon a person’s life results in dramatic changes.


(i)    Favour – means coming to a new level of relationship


·         ExampleJohn 15:15-16   No longer call you servants – friends.

·         Jesus lifted disciples to new level – promoted.

·         Formerly treated as servants – now as friends, new level relationship/revelation.

·         Result – revelation; fruitfulness – whenever pray will get results.

·         No longer uncertainty or struggle – become productive, fruitful.

·         Song of Solomon 8:5,10  Something changed.

·         In moment went from wilderness experience to one of favour with God.

·         New level of relationship.


(ii)   Favour of God means favour with men


·         Genesis 32:23-28  I will not let you go unless you bless me.

·         Jacob – tend to think of him as cheat – manipulator.

·         God’s view:  Malachi 1:2-3   Jacob have I loved, Esau have I hated.

·         Why?  Jacob hungry for favour of God – Esau despised it  (Genesis 25:34).

·         Despised = to hold a low opinion of, think of little value.

·         Jacob returning – facing possible death because of cheating his brother.

·         Came to end of old ways of trying to get ahead by scheming.

·         Desired favour with God – wrestled, contended Þ prayer, pain.

·         Changed – transformed by encountering God – prevailed also with brother.


(iii)  Favour of God releases resources


·         Exodus 3:21  “I will give this people favour in the sight of the Egyptians.”

·         Favour – people of God received 400 years of back pay.

·         Change from poverty/slavery to freedom/resources overnight.

·         Favour of God manifested suddenly – took time to encounter.


(iv) Favour of God gives victory over enemy


·         Psalm 41:11  “By this shall I know found favour, because my enemy does not triumph over me.”

·         Enemy (341 Strongs) = adversary, one who hates or is hostile, Satan.

·         God helps you arise and overcome every attack of the enemy on you.

·         Psalm 118:6  “Lord is on my side, I will not fear.”

·         Example:  Accidents happen but left untouched, not hurt.

·         When devil comes against you – comes against God.


(v)  Favour of God gives unusual bargaining power with God


·         ExampleGenesis 18:3  Abraham – “If I have found favour with you.”

·         Not a statement of unbelief or doubt but one of expectations.

·         Talked boldly to God out of new position of favour.

·         Asked for?

      (1) Presence God to abide

            (2) Salvation of city

·         ExampleExodus 33:12-23  Moses – if I have found favour.

·         Asked for?

(1) Presence of God to abide – God change his mind!

      (2) Revelation of what God like – glory.

      (3) Salvation for Israel – put life on line to protect nation when God judged them

                  for idolatry.

Presence of God dwell on earth in a tent?

Heaven even can’t contain me – nevertheless did it!


All these men:

(1)  Great passion for presence and ways of God

(2)  Used position of favour to bless others

·         Church must arise to new position of favour with God, so can intercede for city for people.


David’s Key:

Psalm 119:57-60  You are my portion

·         Hunger for presence and ways of God – “entreated – with whole heart”.

·         Meditated upon Word of God – “thought on your ways”.

·         Altered his priorities, lifestyle – “turned my feet to your testimony”.

·         Diligence in responding in obedience – “made haste, delayed not to obey”.