Equipping & Empowering Workers


1      Introduction


·         Kingdom of God = realm where God rules and His Word is obeyed.

·         How does the Kingdom of God advance?

Key agent God uses to extend His kingdom is the church.

Kingdom advance Þ (i) Souls saved  (ii) Believers obey Word.

Advance of the Kingdom is always opposed.  Mark 11:12

·         Old Testament example of King Josiah.  2 Chronicles 34

·         “Josiah” (2977 Strongs) = foundation of God; founded by God.

·         “Josiah” = type or picture of Jesus Christ.

1 Corinthians 3:11  “For other foundation can no man lay than that which is laid, Jesus Christ.”

Matthew 16:18  “Upon this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail.”

A key need is for the equipping and empowering of workers.



2      Key Principles of Building


(1)   God provides the resources to build


2 Chronicles 34:8-9  “… to repair the house of the Lord”


= The expression of Jesus Christ in the earth.



(2)   Every believer is to be a builder


2 Chronicles 34:10  “… workmen that had oversight … workmen that wrought in the house of the Lord to repair and …”



(a)   Workmen that had oversight (vs10)


·         Senior leader and elders (Acts 20:28).

·         Called to feed, lead, raise up workers.


(b)   Workmen that wrought in the house


·         Members of local church trained and involved in building.

·         Labourer = trained worker with excellent attitude.

·         God expects every believer to be actively involved.  (Ephesians 4:16)

·         Jesus said the great need is for labourers.  (Matthew 9:38)


(3)   Genuine relationships – Ephesians 4:15


2 Chronicles 34:11  “The artificers”



(4)   Evangelism


2 Chronicles 34:11  “The builders”



(5)   Commitment


2 Chronicles 34:11  “… to buy the hewn stone and timber coupling.”



(6)   Discipleship


2 Chronicles 34:11  “… to floor the houses the kings of Judah had destroyed.”







(7)   Productive service


2 Chronicles 34:12  “… and the men did work faithfully.”



(i)             Build according to vision of the house – not own vision.

(ii)            Consistent during seasons of pressure, difficulties – not quit.

(iii)           Productive – accomplish something worthwhile.


(8)   Embraced common vision and values


2 Chronicles 34:12  “And the overseers of them were …”



(i)             Jahath              (3189 Strongs)              Unity, to become one

(ii)            Obadiah            (5662 Strongs)              Serving God

(iii)           Zechariah          (2148 Strongs)              Remembered of God

(iv)          Meshullan         (4918 Strongs)              Safe, friendly