1      Introduction


·         We are called to represent Christ and to advance His Kingdom.

·         2 Corinthians 6:16-18  - You are the temple – the house in which God dwells.

·         Covenant language:  I will be your God – You will be my people.

·         We are called to be ambassadors for Christ – represent Him, speak for Him.

·         We need to understand nature of covenant relationship or we scatter people.

·         Example2 Chronicles 34  - Reformation of Josiah

“Josiah” (2977 Strongs) = Foundation of God Ž Picture of Jesus Christ.

2 Chronicles 34:30-33  - Word of God results in call for commitment.



2      God’s Word represents His nature and authority


·         2 Chronicles 34:30  “The king went up into the house of the Lord … and he read in their ears all the words of the book of the covenant …”

·         The Word of God is symbolised in many ways because of its impact.  Example:  sword; hammer; light; water; bread.

·         The Bible is called the Book of Covenant – how we walk in partnership with God.

·         The Word of God represents:

(i)     The person of Christ – John 1:14

(ii)    The authority of Christ – Luke 6:46

·         Your response to the Word of God = Your response to person and authority of Christ.

·         John 14:21-24

·         He that has My commands and keeps them – he it is that loves Me.  (vs21)

·         If a man loves Me, he will keep My words.  (vs23)

·         If a man does not love Me, he does not keep My sayings.  (vs24)

·         Love for Christ is outworked by receiving and acting upon His Word.



3      There are only two responses to the Word of God


(i)     Reject God’s Word and authority


·         God’s Word reveals and exposes your true condition and calls for change.

·         Rejection can be:

a)     Active:

Luke 4:18  - People were offended and rose up to kill Jesus.

Mark 10:12-22  - Young man was offended and walked away


b)    Passive:

James 1:22  - When hear and do not act upon Word of God – deception.

Matthew 7:21  - Lawlessness – becoming law to self.


·         People choose how they want to live and form world view to suit lifestyle.

·         Society, culture all geared to serve self – goal = my happiness.

·         In kingdom of God – personal happiness is not goal, it is a by-product.



·         Kingdom of God – goal is to obey Jesus and promote and expand His kingdom.

Matthew 6:33  - Seek first the kingdom of God and all these things added.

Joy, happiness, fulfilment is the by-product of serving God.

·         Note:  If say, “I serve Jesus” but embrace the values, standards and lifestyle of society then have in reality chosen against Jesus and His kingdom.



(ii)    Receive and embrace God’s Word and authority


2 Chronicles 34:31-32  “The king … made a covenant before the Lord, to walk after the Lord, and keep His commandments …”


a)     What is a covenant?

·         Covenant is most binding agreement – mare valuable than own life.

·         “All I have is yours, all I am is yours, your enemies are my enemies, I am willing to lay down my life for you”.  Example = Jesus

·         East:  Men would rather die than break covenant.  Example – Islam.

·         “Covenant” = unilateral commitment before God – not dependant on the performance of the other person.

·         “Contract” = bilateral agreement – depends totally on performance of other person.

·         I’ll keep my end of the bargain if you keep yours.

·         If you don’t make me happy, do what you said, I’ll find someone else.

·         Example:   Marriage

·         First image child sees of God is the parent!

·         If picture seen is contract then there is fear, insecurity.


b)    What is the key issue?

·         Key issue:  Who are you living for?  Christ?  His name?  His cause? Or are you living for self – what’s in this for me?

·         Matthew 16:21-23  - Peter living for self – an offence.

·         Matthew 16:24-27:

·         Key to living life pleasing to God.

·         Love of God Ž living for His sake.

·         Results =  Find true lasting fulfilness.  Receive eternal reward.

·         Paradox:  Very thing you lay down, you gain back.

·         Clinging on to own interests steal God’s great blessings.

·         Living for Christ:

Ž Listening to and obeying His Word.

Ž Honouring His authority.

Ž Advancing His cause – soul winning.

·         What commitment do you have to the Word of God?