·         Matthew 4:4  “Man shall not live by bread alone but by every Word proceeding.”

·         “Word” (4487 Strongs) Rhema = utterance, command.

·         “Proceed” (1607 Strongs) = to go forth, be projected.

·         Spiritual life is sustained by continual hearing Word of God and acting on it.

·         ExampleMatthew 14:18  Peter – Lord bid me come.

·         ExampleLuke 5:5  Lord at your word cast the net.



Ezekiel 37 : Vision of the Valley of Dry Bones

·         Vision of resurrection by the Word of the Lord.

·         Dead can and will come to life by the Word of God.



a)     Prophetic picture


i)      Resurrection from death to life of unsaved by Word of God

·         Ephesians 2:1  Dead in trespass and sin – cut off from God.


ii)     Resurrection from defeated state of church by Word of God

·         2 Corinthians 2:14  Thanks to God who always causes us to triumph.


iii)    Resurrection of body from death to eternal life

·         1 Corinthians 15:57  In a moment – trumpet sound, dead raised.



b)    Condition of the people



·         defeated in some great battle fought and lay where fell.

·         nothing left but the bones.


·         lost all their moisture, vitality, life, very dry.


·         nothing to look forward to – no way out.

·         place of despair – nothing will change.


·         joints = relationships through which life flows – isolated.








c)     Can these bones live?


vs3  Can these bones live? – Is there any possibility of life?


vs4  “Prophesy to the bones”


vs7  Holy Spirit moves when Word of God is acted upon

(i)         Noise (6963 Strongs) – calling out, cry, thunder, proclamation

(ii)        Shaking (7494 Strongs) – uproar, commotion, shaking, rattling

(iii)       Bones came together (7126 Strongs) – drew near, became joined

(iv)      Restoration – skin and flesh, restoration


vs9  “Prophecy to the wind”

(i)         They lived Ž new life of God

(ii)        They stood up Ž no longer defeated; arose to face challenge

(iii)       Exceeding great army Ž purpose and destiny – extend Kingdom of God








The Valley of the Dry Bones


Ezekiel 37:1-10


Vs 1-2


The valley was filled with very dry bones.  The bones were of people defeated in battle.  A situation of death, defeat and hopelessness.



1          Think of an area in your life right now that is in need of a touch from God.

Examples:  A broken relationship, Prayer life, Victory over a bad habit, A business breakthrough.


2          What is the answer to the Lord’s question in verse 3 “Can these bones live?”


3          What did God’s instruction to the prophet in verse 4 mean?


4          How do we speak the Word of God to our hopeless situations?




Read:  Matthew 7:24-27


5          What are the two conditions for standing strong in the storms of life?


6          What do you personally need to do in response to these conditions?




Break up and pray for each other by speaking the Word of God into each others situations.