·           Purpose = the reason something exists; manufacturers original intent in making it.

·           God is your source/manufacturer – only He knows why He gave you life and imparted unique gifts, talents, desires into you.

·           One of the most important days in life – when enter relationship with God and recognise we have unique call and purpose of God in our lives to fulfil.

·           2 Tim 1:9-11  “He has saved us and called us with a holy calling not according to our own works but according to His own purpose and grace which was given us in Christ before the world began.”

·           Purpose (4286 Strongs) = to set forth with a specific intention.

·           Grace (5485 Strongs) = divine power; power given to fulfil the will of God.

·           Key Questions:

       * Who am I?              * Where am I going?         * What is the purpose of my existence?

       * Why am I here?       * Am I fulfilling that purpose?

·           Judges 6 – When Gideon encountered God, he connected with his true identity and with his God-given purpose.




·           God designed you to fulfil five basic purposes in life!

·           When you embrace and do these things fulfilment comes into your being.

·           God has designed you with a unique way of expressing these purposes.


(i)      Express God’s Image


Gen 5:1-3  “… in the likeness of God created He him.”

·           God created man in His own image and likeness.

·           Man is a spirit being; a person; a relational being.

·           You were made to express God’s nature – love  (1 John 4:8).

·           Expressing God’s nature has nothing to do with what  look like.

·           God wants you to mirror His character, His nature – love.


1 John 4:7-8 “… he that loves not does not know God.  God is love.”

·           Jesus fully represented the image of God (John 14:7).

·           The nature of God flowed out to impact people.  “Seen me = seen Father”.

·           After fall of Adam – he produced in his own image – self centred.

·           Each person needs encounter with God – born again – empowered to represent him.


Luke 6:31-35  “If you love them which love you – what grace is on you.”

·           The grace of God empowers you to express His nature (vs35).

·           Love – the nature of God is expressed by kindness to people.


(ii)    Enjoy Intimate Relationship with God


Gen 3:9  “Adam, where are you?”

·           God desired relationship, intimacy, fellowship with Adam.

·           Any being that has relationship with God must be a spirit being (John 4:24).

·           Separated from God – Adam covered or concealed himself and hid.

·           Guilt, shame, fear cause people to hide from intimacy – lonely.

·           Until your spirit reconnects with God’s spirit, you cannot experience companionship with God – only can know about Him.


·           Fulfilling your purpose loving God and enjoying Him impossible unless Born Again.

·           Luke 10:42  Intimacy and relationship with God is a personal choice.  You must place priority on relationship before works.


(iii)   Be Fruitful/Productive


Gen 1:28  “Be fruitful”  (6509 Strongs) = bear fruit, grow, increase.

·           Any person that owns a fruit tree expects it to be productive.

·           God created you to be fruitful or productive in two ways:


a)      Gal 5:22-23 – The fruit of the spirit


·           The life and activity of God’s spirit within you produces fruit.

·           Love, joy, peace, long suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance.


b)      Luke 19:15 – That he might know how much every man had gained by trading


·           Fruitful Ţ productive use of the giftings and talents God has given.

·           Every person has unique giftings – God expects you to be productive.

·           Productive Ţ discover and develop and deploy gifts so that Gods interests in the earth are advanced.

·           Jesus has chosen us to glorify (honour) God by being fruitful (John15:8).


(iv)   Reproduce Yourself


Gen 1:28  “… be fruitful and multiply”  (7235 Strongs) = increase.

·           God created you to multiply – to have children.

·           Multiply Ţ leave a legacy to another generation.

·           More important than reproducing physically is the power to impart to others – values, attitudes, to call forth their potential.

·           Matt 28:19-20   Make disciples – teaching them to obey commands.

·           Your life influences others: words, attitudes, actions, faith, confidence.

·           2 John 4  “I rejoiced greatly that I found your children walking in truth.”


(v)     Advance God’s Kingdom


Gen 1:28  “Be fruitful, multiply – subdue and have dominion.”


·           Subdue (3533 Strongs) = to conquer, bring into subjection.

·           Dominion (7287 Strongs) = prevail over, reign over, bring under authority.

·           Called to have dominion over things not people.

·           Rom 5:17  Reign in life.

·           When controlled by things – money, possessions etc – life is in turmoil.

·           Domination of people by people creates pain and violence, abuse.

·           God’s Kingdom is advanced when submit to His will and His ways.