Key Passage:  2 Kings 6:1-7


1.     The Need for Enlargement   vs 1-2

·         "This place is too restricted for us"  (too narrow, crowded).  Where we lived last year is too small for God's work this year!


·         Building the purpose of God is to build people.

i.      People - 1 Cor 3:9   (personal life)

ii.     The local church - Eph 2:22  (corporate life)


·         "Let us go" implies corporateness, shared life, community life.  God wants to build us with other Christians, not be alone.  Unite together with a vision for growth, enlargement in cell groups, church attendance.  All we have is too small for what God wants us to do.


·         "Every man a beam".  Each person is called to be a builder.  Beam = building material = people.  A tree cut down is disconnected from the earth (world) = repentance.  When we are born again we are connected to Jesus Christ, our life source.  We start off gnarled, twisted, rough, but every person in a cell has a part to play in shaping, smoothing, building.


·         "Make a place to dwell".  You live in the house you build!  We build to common vision and values.  Without unity in direction every person will build something different.



2.     Great Commission - For all believers (not a suggestion!)

vs 2-3  "Go ye - I will be with you"  (cf Mt 28:18-20)

·         It is mission impossible, unless He goes with us.  Now the work of God is:

                            Impossible - very difficult - done!

·         A commission = task authorised to do, given authority to do it.  (sent - 'apostolic')

·         The church in every generation is commissioned to make disciples.

·         The Holy Spirit is given to all believers so we can participate in the great commission.



3.     The Anointing to Build   vs 4-5

·         Axe head - cutting edge - ability to penetrate lives and influence people for Christ.

Axe head - the anointing to pioneer, breakthrough, enlarge.

·         Trees - people cut down from old source of life and shaped and formed so they can become built into the building.


·         Handle - faith (moves the axe head).  Faith puts confidence in what God says.  It comes from hearing the Word of God.  It causes us to act like He's here until we feel him here.


·         Wedge - sacrifice - holds the axehead on the handle.



4.     Return of the Lost Axe head  vs 5-7

·         As one was felling beam – axe head fell in water.

·         Evangelism, discipleship is opposed, resisted by spiritual forces.  The enemy comes to rob us from touching the presence of God eg, negativity.



·         Demonic forces resist and seek to discourage, divert attention.

·         Without a flow of the Holy Spirit, of the anointing, people cannot be saved.  Eg, like trying to cut down trees with an axe head.


4 Causes of Loss


1.     Fear - quenches us, gets us looking inward.


2.     Unbelief - even Jesus couldn't move much in an atmosphere of unbelief.  (Mk 6:5-6).  Conquer negative attitudes, change your attitude.  It takes faith to swing the axe.


3.     Discouragement - God can't use a discouraged person.  Get rid of it!


4.     Prayerlessness - like beating yourself silly with a blunt old axe!



How is Axehead Restored?


1.     Do a reality check.  Acknowledge your condition.  Don't kid yourself and pretend the axe head is still there!


2.     Prayer.  Cry out.  Make your need known to the Lord.  Don't bash away with no power in your life.  Acts 1:4-5 - wait for power, then be witnesses.  It's a prevailing spirit that breaks through, succeeds.


3.     Repentant heart.  Where did it fall?  If you once moved with the life of God and you've lost it, where did you lose it?  How did you lose it?  What attitudes came around you?  What has changed in your life?  Where did you miss it?


4.     Rebuild faith level.  "Cut down a stick".  Time in Word of God, renew your attitudes.  (Rom 10:17).  Ponder the promises of God until you feel a sense of confidence and dominion rise up again.


5.     Step out again.  "Put out his hand and took it up again".  Get going again.  Don't be intimidated by problems.  Assume responsibility and take the new steps of faith.


Wherever you work, where you live, where your relationships are - that's where you swing the axe head.



Action:  "Every man a beam" into the house this year.




Discussion Questions



1.     Do a reality check.

·         Are you blunt?

·         Have you lost your sharpness in the Spirit?

·         Where are you at right now?



2.     What caused you to lose the axe head?

·         Discouragement?

·         Prayerlessness?

·         Attitudes?

·         What happened?

·         Don't labour without first getting connected to God by faith.



3.     What will you do to get sharp again?

·         Plan of action.

·         When?

·         How?

·         What?




In pairs:

a.      Repent of what you allowed in to rob you.

b.      Take hold of a promise of God and pray it over your life.

c.      Stretch out again and pray for your partner.

d.      Share with each other your plan for sharpening up spiritually and ask them to hold you accountable.




As a group:


Get a large cardboard cross.  Write down names of people you will pray for and believe to see saved and added to the church this year.


Plan relational contacts.