1.      Set scene – Mark 3:1-5.

·            Jesus was in the synagogue.

·            Pharisees were watching Him, waiting to catch Him out.

·            Jesus asked a direct question, Pharisees wouldn’t reply.

·            Jesus spoke to the man with the withered hand.

·            We can be spiritually withered.


2.      Verse 3 – Jesus said to the man “stand forth”.

a)   Stand

·            Greek = egeiro.

·            Collect ones faculties/to waken.

·            To rouse from        - sitting

                                                - sleeping

                                                - lying

                                                - disease

                                                - death

                                                - inactivity

                                                - ruin

                                                - non-existence


b)   Forth

·            Greek = eis

·            Into the middle


3.      Why did Jesus tell the man to “stand forth”?

a)   He was asleep/unresponsive to Christ.

·            Failed to recognise who was standing 10 feet away from him.

·            Matt 13:13-16


b)   Compare him with:

(i)      The woman with the issue of blood – if I could only touch Him – He’d heal me.

(ii)     Bartemaeus – if I could only get His attention He would heal me.

(iii)    Centurion – if He would only speak my servant would be healed.


4.      Man with the withered hand obeyed Jesus – positioned himself for blessing.


5.      Verse 5 – “and his hand was restored”.

·            Restored = apokathistemi.

·            Apo = separation/cessation/completion.

·            Kathistemi = to designate/ordain/appoint.

·            He brought something to an end and something to a beginning.


6.      Dangerousness of being dull of hearing.

·            Matt 13:18-19

·            Phil 3:18-19  -  enemy of the cross.


7.      Fasting

·            Benefit of it is sensitising your spirit.






Cell Group Leaders

Connect to the messages theme, that just like the man in Mark 3 with the withered hand, we can also suffer from spiritual “wither”.  Remember to spend time in prayer to find the flow of the Holy Spirit in the Word time.  Have a clear idea of what you think the answers are then help the group members to find them themselves through discussion.


Mark 3:1-5

Phil 3:12-19

The apostle Paul compares the life of a Christian to a race.  Comparing your life as a Christian to a track race where are you in that race?  Eg. sidelines, at the front of the pack etc.


What stands out to you in the verses from Philippians?


What does Paul tell us to do? (Verse 17)


What are the characteristics of an “enemy of the cross”?


What is fasting?


From the verse in Philippians, how is fasting likely to help us?


How do you think Jesus’ words “stand forth” to the man with the withered hand, relate to you?

1453 egeiro { eg-i’-ro}

AV - rise 36, raise 28, arise 27, raise up 23, rise up 8, rise again 5, raise again 4, misc 10; 141

GK - 1586 { ejgeivrw }


1)   to arouse, cause to rise

1a)   to arouse from sleep, to awake.

1b)   to arouse from the sleep of death, to recall the dead to life.

1c)   to cause to rise from a seat or bed etc.

1d)   to raise up, produce, cause to appear.

1d1)   to cause to appear, bring before the public.

1d2)   to raise up, stir up, against one.

1d3)   to raise up i.e. cause to be born.

1d4) of buildings, to raise up, construct, erect[1][1]


What in particular is God speaking to you about?


[1][1]Enhanced Strong’s Lexicon, (Oak Harbor, WA: Logos Research Systems, Inc.) 1995.