1.     Introduction

·         God has created us with potential and desires to promote us.

·         Mt 25   Parable of the talents given to the servants.

·         Man travelling to far country = Jesus Christ.

·         Servant = man given position of trust and opportunity.

·         Every servant has different ability – gifts distributed according to ability to manage.

·         Potential = untapped ability.

·         Potential or capacity to succeed is determined by Creator not people/circumstances.

·         Every servant of God has potential to advance and be promoted.


2.     Potential and Promotion

·         All servants of God must give account to Him for what they did with potential.

·         Purpose of giving account is that person may be promoted.

·         Potential = untapped ability; unravelled like onion, one layer at a time.

·         Key to releasing that potential = discover God’s purpose and fulfil it.

·         vs 205 talent man Ž gained 5 talents Ž hundredfold increase – fulfilled potential.

·         Promotion = to advance, go forward, be raised up.

·         Promotion:

i)      Came from master (source).

ii)     Related to how productive – “gain by work”.

iii)    Meant increased opportunity, new level of potential.

iv)    Brought joy – change in relationship with master.

·         v222 talent man Ž gained 2 talents Ž hundred fold increase – fulfilled potential.

·         Commended same as 5 talent man and promoted.

·         v24 1 talent man Ž afraid and hid the talent.

·         Work = God’s gift to release potential.

·         Laziness = absence of work, destroys potential.

·         Fear and laziness are key reasons for lack of achievement.

·         Servant had wrong concept of God – How see Ž How relate.

·         Mk 9:23  All things are possible to him that believes.

·         vs 26  - “Wicked” = to have a hurtful or harmful influence (not evil in character).

·         Laziness is contagious – robs others of their potential.

·         Slothful” = to be hesitant, delay, shrink back, hold back.

·         Servant only did what needed to survive, get by, bare minimum.

·         God desires us to be productive so He can promote us.

·         Discouragement or dissatisfaction in life Ž separated from God.


3.     Perils of Self Promotion

·         Mt 20:20-27 – Mother of James and Zebedee sought to get them promoted.

vs 22-23      - promotion comes from God.

                        - there is a price to pay for promotion.

      vs 24          - self promotion is opposed by God and by people.

·         Whosoever will” (2309) – determine, choose, purpose, set mind to.

·         Every person has the seeds and desire for greatness within them.

·         World’s value is on position, title, rank.

·         God values service:

i)      The path to greatness is service = hard work.

ii)     The price of greatness is responsibility.

iii)    The potential for people to serve and be faithful is unlimited.


·         Self promotion = ungodly efforts to elevate self and get ahead.

·         Self promotion – rooted in pride (self centredness).

·         Self promotion – rooted in unbelief (lack confidence in goodness of God).

Bible Examples of Self Promotion – all destroyed themselves.

i)      Adam and Eve (Gen 3:5-6 – be as gods).

ii)     Lucifer (Is 14:12-14 – I will ascend, I will exalt my throne).

iii)    Simon (Acts 8:9giving out that he himself was someone great).

iv)    Absalom (2 Sam 15)

Characteristics of Self Promotion2 Sam 15

·         vs 1seeking recognition from people.

·         vs 1giving out impression of importance.

·         vs 3 – flattery – speaking words to impress.

·         vs 3 – fault finding – “tall poppy syndrome”.

·         vs 4 – exaggerating own abilities.  (Jn 7:18)

·         vs 4 – position and title conscious.

·         vs 3-4 – stirs up feelings of injustice.

·         vs 5 – actions to impress people and gain affection.  (Mt 23:5)

·         vs 6 – draws people to self and own ministry.  (Acts 20:30)

·         - envy of success of others – unable to rejoice.

·         Promotion comes when potential is released through faith and works.

·         Prov 20:6  Most men proclaim own goodness – but a faithful man, who can find?







Potential – Matt 25:14-30


1.     The wicked servant said that he ‘knew’ God.


·         How did he describe God?

·         How would you describe God?



2.     The wicked servant.


Wicked – How was this servant’s attitude evil?  What sort of influence would he have on others?


Lazy – What is laziness?


Afraid – How does fear stop us from fulfilling our potential?




What things do you need to change in your life to become more like the ‘good and faithful’ servants?



Promotion – 2 Sam 15:1-6


How did Absalom seek to promote himself?


How have you found Prov 20:6 to be true in your experience?


How does genuine promotion come?


What can you personally do to receive God’s promotion?