1.     Introduction

Matt 25  Servants of the Lord each entrusted with talents


verse 9

·         Purpose of giving account ή opportunity for master to promote.  Heart of God is to promote us.

·         Promotion – to advance, go forward, go upward, increase responsibility.

Ps 75:6-7  Promotion comes not from east – God is the judge.

Note:    God’s purpose is to promote.

            God has a process of promotion.

            God has principles upon which He promotes.


verse 20-23 – Promotion:

i)      Came from same source as gifts.

ii)     Related to fulfilling potential – becoming productive.

iii)    Released increased opportunity/potential.

iv)    Brought joy and change in relationship with master.


verse 26-28 – Demotion:

·         Opportunity was lost because of failure to be productive.

·         Potential was not realised – removed, buried.

·         Fear was the source of lack of personal growth and productivity.

·         Fear arose out of unbelief – wrong view of master.


2.     Self-promotion

a)     Prov 20:6  Most men will proclaim everyone his own goodness, but a faithful man who can find?


·         Most ή multitude, majority of people.

·         Proclaim = pronounce, call out, impose upon others.

·         Self-centred people constantly promote themselves, personal agenda.

·         A faithful man – doesn’t promote self – is hard to find.

·         Self-promotion = elevate or alter position, bypassing God’s process.


b)    Roots:

·         Wrong view of God – unbelief!

·         Wrong view of others – envy!

·         Wrong view of self – pride!

Gal 6:3-5  If a man ‘thinks himself’ to be something when he is nothing, he deceives himself.

·         Let every man prove his own work – shoulder responsibility.

·         Must have realistic view of own self and gifts God has entrusted.

·         Not to think of himself more highly – but soberly as God has given faith.

“To esteem oneself over much”

soberly = sound mind = properly formed view of self.

Sozo = sound = to save, make whole, deliver, heal.

·         Must see ourselves as God sees us, ie His perspective on life.

·         God never intended for success in life to be measured by opinion of others.

·         When people reject or are ignorant of God’s view – they promote self.




i)      Lucifer (Is 14:12-14)

ii)     Adam and Eve (Gen 3:5-6)

iii)    Simon (Acts 8:9)


c)     Self-promotion is a destructive force

2 Sam 15  - Absalom

vs1    seeking recognition from people.

vs1    giving out impression of importance.

vs3    flattery – insincere praise to impress.

vs3    fault finding – tall poppy syndrome.

vs4    exaggerating and promoting own abilities.

vs4    position and title conscious.

vs3-4 stirs up feelings of injustice to gain a hearing.

vs5    actions to impress people and win heart.

vs6    drew people to himself, his cause.

·         Note: Results were destructive both for Absalom and those who followed.

·         Absalom’s actions rooted in pride (2 Sam 14:25-26) and offence.


3.     God is the Source of Our Promotion

·         Dan 2:21  God – changes the times and seasons – removes and sets up kings.

·         Dan 4:32-37  Most high God rules in the kingdom of men.

·         Dan 5:18-20  He was ‘deposed’ = made to come down from kingly throne, until knew that the most High God rules in kingdom of men.

·         1 Pet 5:5-6  God resists the proud and gives grace to the humble.

Humble self under mighty hand of God that:

i)      He may exalt you (lift you up, promote).

ii)     Due time (at the set or proper timing, season).

·         Keys for releasing your potential – untapped possibilities.

i)      Know who is your source – God Himself.

ii)     Know how God designed you to function – by faith.

iii)    Discover the purpose God created you for and commit yourself totally to it.  (Individual and corporate – who God connects you with)

iv)    Discover and make good use of what God has gifted you with – resources!

v)     Cultivate and maintain an environment that promotes your growth.

vi)    Apply yourself to work!

vii)   Persevere until season changes.