Kingdom of God superimposed.


1.         Serving



Why I serve – I love Him

                        I want to be a part of what God is doing

                        Revelation of Kingdom – affection on things above/eternal


Matt. 13: 45-46 – Like pearl of great price.  Sell everything else to buy it!!


Seek ye first the Kingdom of God.   Live with an eternity view.  Have a relationship with the King, working in harmony with Him.


Jesus (John 13:3) 

Washed disciples feet.  Now leaving them, loved them, foundations of the church/future.


Knowing – be aware, behold, had knowledge, be sure.

Have relationship with the Father through prayer.


Phil. 3:7-8

Eph. 1:18  - Know – hope of your calling.


2.         That the Father had given all things into His hands.


a)         Source -          The Father

            Promotion comes from the Lord

            Of all my life, fountain of life, all my springs are in thee.

            Sought presence of God.


b)         All things -       no good thing would be withheld from me.

            He will meet my needs, emotional, spiritual, practical.

            Everything I need to accomplish the work he has given me to do.


c)         Knew what was given into His hands, what he was entrusted with

– by God/delegated.

            Ministry call on life/partnership with husband.

Husband, family, sphere of influence in church.

Gifts, talents, material possessions to steward.

Disciples –       fire would go through

                        Foundation for church

                        Carriers of glory – building stones

Jesus loved them and saw past carnality.


3)         Went to God

Lived for eternity.


Heb 11/10

Abraham / Lot - Looked for a city.  Had foundations.  Builder and maker is God.

Lot – went along and enjoyed the benefits. Abraham – open hand, yielded choice, son – trusted God.

City – organised, government, structure, king rules, authority invested.  Rev.3 – share throne v10 rule and reign.


Heb 11:25-26


Choose hardship – looking ahead for reward.

Not payday yet.

Not a little cabin in the corner of gloryland.

Sons and daughters – heirs – joint heirs in Christ.

Suffer with him – glorified together – glory revealed in us.

Become more and more like Him (or carnality – nature of beast).




Fire – draw near to presence of God, Hear Him .  Face struggles and pressure e.g.


4.         That he was from God


Identity struggle.   You are a Child of God.  This settles things.  We only need to please God.


God – pleaser – man- pleaser – Gal 1:10.


Saul was not secure in this.  1 Sam.15:24 he needed people’s approval, look good in front of people.  Feared people.


V24 I feared the people and obeyed their voice.

V30 I have sinned, honour me now before my people.

Look good in front of people – people approval.  Can’t put boundaries, say no.  Can’t bite the hand that feeds you!


What things don’t please God:


1 Cor 10.

1.         Lust after evil things                            Desire Him – his will, purpose destiny

2.         Idolatry                                                God is first place above self

                                                                        (The way of the cross lay down own


Money – open hands. 

3.         Immorality                                           Clean, pure life – embrace fire.

4.         Tempt God – under difficult                Fear God, Respect God – always good,

            circumstances                                                faithful.

6.         Complain, discontent                          Grateful, praise, thank God.


What is better for us?  God shaped by our society.

Needing appreciation – Faith = servanthood.

Test – Luke 17:10.