·           Fresh season in nation – striving across nation – most of it hidden, surfacing.

·           God taking broken people – changing thoughts about self.

·           New generation of young people arising – different attitude and spirit.

·           Matt 26:6-13  Woman impacted future generations (vs13).

·           God looking for people – truly devoted to leaving a legacy – making mark.

·           Past generation – survival mode – this generation ή destiny and legacy.

·           Woman left legacy – costly investment.

·           People exist but don’t leave legacy, make generational impact.

·           Make mark, leave legacy not just surviving – making it to heaven.

·           Survival mode ή deception; squander and waste life/opportunities.

·           Don’t wait ‘til get act together – move!  Jesus looks for open heart.

·           New Zealand famous for some things – infamous for others.

·           Mindsets in New Zealand that destroy destiny – must change.

·           Leave legacy!  Make an impact.


1       Need a Giving Spirit


·       Money, time, energy ή prevailing spirit in New Zealand – poverty, tight fisted.

·       Must spend yourself for God – give to people.

·       Withholding spirit ή poverty.

·       Woman released all her substance – break through the pain barrier.

·       Kingdom of God lasts, eternal – everything else temporal.

·       People spend life upon self, things temporal.

·       Obligation – Duty ή You are not your own, belong to the Lord.

·       Kingdom of God is life – must give self to Kingdom things.

·       Born to release to Kingdom not feather your nest.

·       Overflow of worship, gratitude in heart.

·       Jesus came not for comfortable lifestyle – save sinners.

·       Many middle-class came to Christ from good background – don’t appreciate need.

·       Don’t forget gutter you came from – sin – remember!

·       Make money and invest it in Kingdom.

·       David:  Not offer any offering without cost – obligation.


2       Need a Serving Spirit


·       Stop thinking about self and serve the needs of others.

·       Christian ή Align with values of Kingdom.

·       Serving – not tight, hard with time and money.

·       No such thing as retirement.

·       50+ ή Experience, wisdom – need to get involved.

·       Put hand on what you have so can make mark.

·       Too many Christians have hands in pocket.

·       Giving/serving leaves a legacy in lives of others.

·       Passion, life, go hard, not just show up when feel like it.

·       Totally committed to serving Christ with whole heart.

·       No time for soft Christianity – stir up.

·       Soft Christians are irrelevant, outside purpose of God.

·       What will you leave behind?









3       Passion for God Caused Controversy


·       People that are passionate are criticised often by Christians.

·       World turned on by people who are radical not weak, soft.

·       World despises soft expressions of Christ.

·       ‘Nice’ wont make a mark – must be radical.

·       Passion challenges.


4       Act of Worship was Powerful, Prophetic, Significant


·       People touched want to give ή Release prophetic power.

·       Woman didn’t just bless Him – prophesised over His burial

·       Passion releases atmosphere of prophecy.

·       Oil so strong lasted ‘til His crucifixion.

·       Passion stirs up spirit realm – releases atmosphere of God.

·       Lukewarm = despised.

·       Passionate for God – sold out for the Kingdom.

·       Releases prophetic power as obey God.


5       Legacy Lives On and Impacts Others


·       What direction has your life taken?

·       Where are you at now – hard, cynical, or alive, passionate?