1.      God Delights in Justice and Judgement

Jer 9:24  Lord exercises loving kindness, judgement and righteousness.

·           God delights in loving kindness – draws people to Himself.

·           God also delights in judgement = verdict, decree, justice

·           ie, to pronounce sentence against evil, to govern.

Is 59:15  Truth fails – there was no judgement.

·           In times of spiritual and moral backsliding truth is lost.

·           Fail = to be missing, lacking; to arrange as a battle.

·           Displeased = to break into pieces, cause affliction.

·           Wondered = to be stunned, devastated, amazed.

·           God grieves when no truth or judgement – stunned God’s people don’t pray.

·           God has given man opportunity and responsibility to act, initiate.

·           Jer 9:3  None valiant for the truth.  Valiant = strong, prevail.

·           Truth     = conformity to fact or reality.

                   = not negotiable, absolute, provable, reliable.

·           Christian uses Word of God to establish truthfoundation!

·           Great confusion because people believe truth is relative ie, no abiding principles, practices that serve as standards for life.

·           Ps 119:142   Thy word is truth.

·           Ps 119:156   All the commandments of the Lord are truth.

·           What belief – reflects in attitudes – actions - character – culture.

·           Homes, neighbourhood, cities, country reflects culture.


2.      Rejecting Word of God Ž Rejecting God

John 1:1  In beginning – word was God.

·           When reject God’s word, standards, principles – reject God Himself, eg 1 Sam 15:26.

2 Kings 17:15  Rejected His statutes and His covenant, His testimonies.

·           Result:  Became vain – idolatry – occultism.

·           cf  Jud 5:8  They chose new gods – then was there war in the gates.


·           Humanism entered through education system.

·           Foundations of nation beliefs eroded.

·           Change beliefs Ž change character Ž change nation.

Prov 1:30  None of My counsel – despised My reproof, therefore eat fruit of own way.

               Humanism                                                               Bible

         man is good                                               man is sinful

         no such thing as sin                                    sin broke man’s relationship with God

         no need for salvation – just more                 need for salvation through Christ


         no absolutes (relative)                                 absolutes, principles

         tolerant many truth                                       one truth exists

         man’s goal self fulfilment                             mans goal worship God and honour Him

         personal rights                                            personal responsibility

         equality                                                       distinction in role/function

         personal freedom                                        serving others

·           Truth is relative – matter of personal opinion, feeling.

·           No set of absolutes – neutral, decide for self what is ‘right’.

·           Standards, beliefs of one group are true for these – false for others.


·           Subjective – what is true/false – right/wrong determined by each person.

·           ie, no distinction between being right and believing you are right.

Consequences: Ž loss of character – cease being responsible.

·           Character is established by boundaries, discipline, consequences, ‘NO’.

·           Loss of character Ž loss of freedom Ž increase government oppression.

·           Government reflects the character (Jud 3:1) and desire of people (1 Sam 8:1).


3.      Transformation Begins in Heart and Mind of Individual

Ps 11:3  If foundation destroyed what can righteous do?

Jer 6:16  Stand in the ways; see, ask for the old paths.

·           Old = concealed, veiled from sight, ancient, eternal,  Ps 119:89.

·           Good = agreeable, at ease, joyful, prosperous, precious.

Ps 33:11  Counsel of Lord stands forever – thoughts – to all generations.

·           Ways of God are long term – impact life over long term not short term.

·           Short term society – McChurch, McDeliverance, McHealing, McFix.

·           Want to go to meeting, counseller to fix problems.

·           When short term things become long term things Ž problem.

·           Long term Ž align life with God’s ways, God’s word.

·           Walk in path not ancient way, continually in need.

Is 35:8   Highway there! – way of holiness.

·           Not for:   (i)  Unclean  (ii)  Fool  (iii)  Lion  (iv)  Rravenous beast.

·           Rom 12:2  Be not conformed to world – transformed, renew mind.






Cell Leaders:  Don’t try to answer all the questions.  Keep in mind the point of message ie, our society has many values that are actually ungodly and we as Christians must know what God says if we are able to live Godly lives.


·           Read the study questions and scripture references and pray through them.

·           Ask God that your cell members would develop a real love and hunger for His word.


Isaiah 59:15

1.      What led to a lack of justice?


2.      What is truth?  Discuss, then read the following:

Dictionary:  quality of being true; something that is true.

John 17:7; Ps 119:142, 151, 160; John 14:6


3.      Below is a list of some of the humanistic values of our culture.  Discuss these and decide what the bible has to say about these values.


a)   There is no such thing as sin.

Rom 6:23; Rom 3:23


b)   Man (people) are all basically good.

Rom 3:23; Gen 6:5-6


c)   All religions are the same.

Acts 4:12; Ex 20:3-5


d)   Hell does not exist.

Rev 20:14-15; Rev 21:8; Matt 25:41


e)   It is wrong for a parent to physically discipline a child.

Prov 22:15; Prov 23:13-14; Heb 12:5-6

Note:  The bible does not support physical abuse of children eg, punching, kicking or inflicting permanent damage to a child.


f)    Everyone is equal and should have equal rights and roles.

Gal 3:28; Eph 5:22-24

The bible view is that we are all equal but we have different roles.


g)   Homosexuality is a valid sexual expression.

Rom 1:26-27; Lev 18:22


4.      Can you think of other values our culture holds that are in direct opposition to the word of God?


5.      How much have you been influenced by these cultural (humanistic) values?


6.      How well do you know your bible?


7.      What will you do to develop a greater love and understanding of God’s word?