1.      Introduction


·           Influence of fathers is greatly under estimated also failure.

·           Bible:    Presence of a godly father who fulfils responsibility = blessing.

                   Absence of a godly father is considered a curse.

·           Mal 4:5-6  End times Ž great struggle, turmoil in families.

       Greatest need = Fathers with heart for family – naturally and spiritually.

·           Jesus came to reveal what true fatherhood is like.

       John 14:6-9   “He that has seen Me has seen the Father”.

       “Father” – word creates many different emotions.

       “Father” – Jesus came to connect us to spiritual Father.

       2 Cor 6:18   “I will be a Father to you”.


2.      Father’s Provision


·           Example of Jesus – came to make the Father known.

·           Luke 3:21-22  What God the Father gave to Jesus.


(i)      Relationship


·       Luke 3:22  A voice from heaven – “You are”.

·       Greatest need people have is for relationship – know, be known.

·       Fathers provision = relationship.


(ii)     Sense of belonging


·       Luke 3:22  A voice from heaven – “You are My Son”.

·       Basic need of people is to belong – not be abandoned, orphaned.

·       Fathers provision = commitment, sense of belonging.


(iii)    Identity and security


·       Luke 3:22  A voice from heaven – “You are My beloved Son”.

·       Jesus knew who He was, where He came from.

·       John 13:3  Knowing where from, where went – served.


(iv)    Purpose and direction in life


·       Luke 3:22  “A voice from heaven”.

·       Jesus maintained a strong sense of purpose and destiny.

·       Luke 19:10  Son of man came to seek and save that which was lost.


(v)     Affirmation


·       Luke 3:22  A voice from heaven – “I am well pleased”.

·       Words of affirmation are like water on dry ground.

·       Fathers provision = words that build, strength.


(vi)    Provision for life


·       Luke 3:22  The Holy Ghost descended in bodily shape upon Him.

·       Holy Spirit provides access to all of the provision of God.

·       Comfort; direction; instruction; financial provision.



(vii)   Work to do


·       Luke 4:1  Led by Holy Spirit into wilderness – returned in power.

·       Father led Jesus through season of training and preparation.

·       Father directed Jesus to particular work.

·       John 17:4   “ I have finished the work you gave me to do”.



Jesus came to bring men and women into relationship with God.


·           Relationship of FatherChild.

·           Relationship with God Ž must be born again.

·           John 1:12   “As many as received – power to become children of God”.









1.      How would you describe your father?



2.      What do you appreciate most about your father?



3.      What does it mean to ‘honour’ someone?



4.      Why do you think it is so important to God that we honour our parents?



5.      How hard/easy is it for you to honour your father?



6.      How can you give honour to your father in a new way?