1.      Introduction

·           Greatness in Kingdom of God Ž serving.

·           One quality can have unlimited capacity – faithfulness.

·           May differ in giftings and opportunities but can excel in faithfulness.

·           Jesus teaching on faithfulness (Lk 16).

·           Background:       Lk 15    Pharisee’s complain – Jesus teaches heart of God for lost.

                                 Lk 16    Jesus teaching disciples – faithfulness with resources.

                                 Lk 16    Pharisee’s reaction – Jesus teaches on Heaven and Hell.


2.      Parable – Unjust Steward

·           Parable = story with hidden truth or brought alongside to explain.

·           Stewardunfaithfulwasted resources of master.

·           Consequence – loss of job, uncertain future.

·           Unfaithfuldefrauded master to provide for self.

·           Master – commends, not for fraud but for thinking ahead.

·           vs 9  Jesus does not commend – waste, fraud, using money to buy way into heaven.

·           Jesus teaches – faithfulness as a steward (vs 10-13)

·           Faithfulness = evidence of quality of persons relationship with God.

(i)             small things

(ii)            money

(iii)           another mans


3.      Characteristics of Faithfulness

(i)      Quality required of all God’s servants (1 Cor 4:2).

(ii)     Discovered by inspection (1 Cor 4:2) and open to correction.

(iii)    Consistent – not erratic; faithful = ‘trustworthy’  (Ct  Prov 25:19).

(iv)    Shows initiative to become productive  (Matt 25:16).

(v)     Quality that is hard to find:

·                     Prov 20:6  Why hard to find?  People preoccupied with self.

Most = multitude, majority people self-centred.

Proclaim = let people know, promote self.

Faithfulness – doesn’t promote self – genuine concern for others.

·                     Phil 2:20-21  All seek their own!

·                     Naturally = genuine, sincere, no hidden agenda.

·                     Faithful man – doesn’t promote self, have hidden agenda to gain advantage.

·                     Faithful man – has Kingdom of God mindset.  How can cause of Christ be advanced.

·                     vs 1  Faithfulness = quality of heart – developed in practical things and affection for what doing.


4.      Faithful in that which is least!

Lk 16:10  Faithful in that which is least Ž also in much.

·           People tend to seek the great things and overlook the small.

·           Faithfulness in small things qualifies for greater.

·           That which is least.

(i)      Small practical tasks:

·           1 Cor 15:46  First that which is natural then that which is Spirit.

·           Take responsibility for small matters?

·           Are tasks completed?  On time?

·           Are small tasks done with excellence?

·           Is there initiative?  Act and then report?

·           Is there openness for inspection without reaction?


(ii)     Words:

Matt 12:34  What comes out of mouth is sourced in heart!

Once words are spoken Ž responsible to be faithful.

a.      Faithful to your own words

·           Guard against empty words.  (Matt 12:36)

·           Stand behind words you speak, even if it costs.  (Ps 15:4)

·           Fulfil the commitments.  (Jer 1:12)

b.      Faithful to words of others

·           Confidentiality with secrets.  (Prov 11:13)

·           Refusing gossip/evil report.  (Prov 18:8, Ps 15:3)

·           Responds to words of instruction.  (2 Tim 2:2)

Prov 28:20  A faithful man shall abound with blessings.