1.      Introduction

·           Primary focus of God is upon the heart – right attitude and spirit.

·           Kingdom of God is not words but in power (1 Cor 4:20).  Substance from spirit realm.

·           Key qualities God looks for are (i) Servant heart  (ii) Faithfulness.

·           Lk 16:10-12  Faithful in least; in money; in another mans.

·           God puts people in place where must learn to serve others.

         -  not because loyal to man (idolatry) but because faithful to Lord.

         -  in beginning everything small, insignificant, unnoticed by people.

·           2 qualities:       (i)      Directed towards Lord            Col 3:22-23

                              (ii)      Proactive serving people        Col 3:22


2.      How to be Faithful in Another Man’s

2.1          Know and fulfil your responsibilities

·           Jn 17:4  Example of Jesus – “Finished the work you gave me to do”.

·           Responsibilities are Gods stepping stones to growth and promotion.

·           Root cause of Adams failure was failure to take responsibility.

·           N Z culture people withdraw into passivity – someone else do it!

·           When shirk responsibility it does not disappear – reverts to someone else.

·           First step in forming character = teach people to take responsibility.

·           2 types of responsibility:    (i)      Direct – this is your job.

                                                (ii)      Implied – not stated.

·           Responsibility = entrustment from God to prepare me for promotion.


2.2          Take initiative

·           Gal 6:10  “As we have opportunity let us do good unto all men …”

·           Opportunity (2540 Strongs) – kairos = a window of time, season, fixed period of time when it is possible to do something.

·           Initiative Þ You see the need and meet the need without being asked.

·           Levels of initiative:       (1)     Act and report

                                          (2)     Ask for permission

                                          (3)     Wait to be told

                                          (4)     Where is that man?

·           ExampleMatt 25:16  Faithful servants took initiative to trade.

·           Keys to initiative are:    willingness – available to serve

                                          awareness – alert to opportunity


2.3          Help others succeed

·           Phil 2:4-5  “Look not every man on own things but every man also on the things of others”.

·           Many have desire to fulfil own call but no passion to come alongside others and help them fulfil their call.

·           Many people do not have chance to become great for God because no one cared for them; believed in them; called them forth.

·           Easy to look on weaknesses of others and judge and despise them.

·           God’s view:    Matt 25:40  “I also called them and plan a destiny for them to become great but you never cared for them and helped them”.

·           Attitudes that hinder:

         (i)      Pride –“I could do better”, eg Absalom (2 Sam 15:3-5)

         (ii)      Judging – “Doesn’t deserve my service”, eg Gehazi (2 Ki 5:20)

         (iii)     Despising – “Obvious lacks and inadequacies”, eg Pharisees

·           Jesus     - not blind to disciples lacks and weaknesses but didn’t despise.

                     - planned greater works.

                     - Lk 22:31-32   Satan has desired to sift – but I have prayed.

·           Jesus prayed and gave new opportunity to Peter – why so hard for us?


2.4          Speak words that build others

·           Eph 4:29   “Let no corrupt communication proceed out of mouth but that which is good to the use of edifying that may minister grace”.

·           Corrupt (4550 Strongs) = corrupt, rotten.  Rotten = to putrify, eg ‘septic’.

·           Examples:  Words that belittle, put down, mock or make fun of others.

            - Joseph’s brothers – Gen 37:4  “hated him and could not speak peaceably”.

            - Saul1 Sam 18:9-11  “Eyed him … cast the javelin”.

            - Neh 4:1-4  Enemies mocked, ridiculed, despised.

            - Neh 2:19  Enemies laughed us to scorn and despised.

·           Don’t focus on faults and lacks of others and gather with those who scorn.

            Example:  Barnabas  Acts 9:26-27  Saw potential and encouraged Paul.

·           Everyone needs someone to believe in them and encourage them!


2.5          Excellence in all you do!

·           Eph 6:5-8  Servants – not with eyeservice as menpleasers but as the servants of Christ doing the will of God from the heart.

·           Singleness of heart = sincerity, no self seeking, generous.

·           Eyeservice = that which needs watching or it doesn’t get done.

·           Key focus:          - Who I am – servant of God.

                                 - Whom I serve – Jesus.

                                 - Why I serve – Jesus’ approval and revival.

·           Most people think:  Shortcuts?  Least effort?  Get by?  Get ahead?

·           Excellent attitude:  Put in 110% so represent Christ well!

·           Example:  Daniel  Dan 6:3-4  - an excellent spirit was in him.

·           They could find no occasion nor fault for as much as he was faithful neither was there any error or fault found in him Þ This Daniel was preferred – the king thought to set him over whole realm.





Cell Leaders

Any one of these principles could make up a whole session so don’t try and get through all the questions!  Pray over the scripture references and concentrate on the first principle and then one or two others.


Know and fulfil your responsibilities.  John 17:4

Responsibilities are God’s stepping-stones to growth and promotion.  What are your major responsibilities?  Make a list of them:

Eg. Husband, Father, son, student, mechanic, musician, door greeter…


Who are the key people in each of these areas of responsibility?  Alongside your list of responsibilities write the names of the key people involved.


Take initiative.  Just do it!  Gal 6:10

  1. Think of a time when you showed initiative in a relationship and there was a positive outcome.  Tell us about that.
  2. Think about the people you have listed, what can you do this week that will show a high level of initiative.


Help others succeed.  Phil 2:4-5

  1. Identify something that you are successful in eg. Baking,
  2. Who could you help to be successful in this also?


Speak words that build others up. Eph 4:29

  1. Think about a time that someone said something nice to you.  What did this do for you?
  2. Negative speech (put downs, sarcasm, belittling etc) is often a part of our NZ culture.  How has this affected you?
  3. How do you build others up with your words?
  4. Think about the people on your list, what will you say to them in the next day or so that will build them up?
  5. How can you make this more a part of your lifestyle?


Excellence.  Eph 6:5-8

  1. Do you know someone who consistently does things well?
  2. Between the two extremes of “rip and bust” and “perfectionism”, where would you fit?
    1. Rip and bust: Don’t worry about the quality just get the job done.
    2. Perfectionism:  I will not do this unless it is absolutely perfect.
  3. What is excellence and how does it compare with the two extremes above?
  4. What’s something that you are currently working on that you can commit to completing with excellence?