1.      Introduction

John 13:3-5  Jesus knowing – that He was come from God and went to God – washed the disciples feet.


·           “knowing” (1492 Strongs) = to know, understand, fully perceive and understand.

·           Jesus was secure in His origin and in His destiny and demonstrated serving.

·           Jesus was a servant of God – gave an example (vs15) of greatness in God’s Kingdom.

·           John 17:4-5  Jesus expected to be honoured and rewarded by Father because served.

·           Finished the work You gave MeŽ Not 3½ years ministry but 33½ years of His life.

·           The first 30 years of His life Jesus served – unseen – much as carpenter for Joseph.

·           Key characteristics of the Kingdom of God are servant hood and faithfulness.

·           House we build is a spiritual house (people) Ž must deal with spirit realm.

·           Invisible:       Love              Hate                 Honour          Humility      Faithfulness

·           Visible:         Kindness       Harshness         Gratitude        Serving       Lk 16:10-12


2.      Faithfulness is Essential for Promotion

Lk 16:10-12  Faithful in least is also faithful in much.

·           Faithful (4103 Strongs) = trustworthy, reliable, consistent in fulfilling responsibility.

·           Genuine faithfulness Ž carry a sense of responsibility Ž deserve weight of honour.

·           Ie Responsible to someone – for something!

·           God we serve is a faithful God (Dt 7:9) He expects us to be faithful also.

·           Faithfulness qualifies us for promotion and reward by God.

·           Example:  Matt 25     Faithful servant was productive – had master’s interests in heart.

                                       Unfaithful servant was not productive – had own interests in heart.

·           How God prepares you for promotion – puts you in place where serve another man.

·           God teaches you at someone elses expense – if faithful can be promoted.

·           In beginning everything smallunnoticed by people but noticed by God!

·           God promotes you when He considers you are ready (Ps 75:6-7) (Dan 2:21).

·           Must see that ultimately you are servant of Lord and responsible to Him.

·           You are called to serve the Lord and to represent Him well!!


3.      Faithful Service comes from Heart Attitude

Col 3:22-25  “Whatsoever you do – do it heartily as to the Lord and not unto men!”

a.      2 Foundations for Faithful Service:

(i)   Identity – knowing who you are!

·       vs24  “You serve the Lord Jesus Christ”.

·       You are a servant of the Lord – responsible to Him in all you do.

·       You are called to represent Christ and His Kingdom.

·       2 Cor 5:15  Not henceforth live for self but unto Him died for them.

·       Self centred serving Ž what’s in this for me?  How does this benefit me?

·       Servant of the Lord Ž how does this advance the cause of Christ?

(ii)  Reward – knowing where it comes from!

·       vs24  Knowing = same word used in relation to Jesus serving (John 13:3).

·       Knowing (1492 Strongs) = to understand, fully perceive.

·       “Of the Lord” – the goal of service is to be commended and rewarded by God.

·       The Lord is the source of reward – the nature of the reward is inheritance.

·       Reward (409 Strongs) = recompense = to give back in return for something done.

·       Inheritance (2817 Strongs) = heirship – something entitled to as son in family.

·       1 Pet 1:4  An inheritance, incompatible and undefiled, reserved in heaven for you, ready to be revealed at the last time.



·       The good of all our service is the reward God has prepared for those who love Him and serve Him faithfully.

·       Inheritance Ž possessions and placement in the coming Kingdom of Christ.


b.      2 Qualities of Faithful Service

(i)   Originates in the heart – directed towards Lord!

vs22   “Not with eye service as men pleasers but in singleness of heart” – as to the Lord!

·       Heartily Ž from the spirit not from the mind.

* Serve from mind Ž do things smarter, less effort.

            * Motivation governed by:

            * Moods     * Who do it for     * If I like it      * If I agree      * If get me ahead

            * Eye service (3787 Strongs) = sight later.

            * Service done when boss is present but neglected when he is absent.

            * Prov 3:5 Lean not on own understanding.

·       Singleness of heart = sincerity, without any self seeking, generous (Ja 1:5).

* One motive only – to honour God, represent Him well and obtain His blessing.

            * Not at all concerned about what people say or do or whether they notice.


(ii)  Proactive co-operation with man

·       vs22  Servants – obey in all things your masters according to the flesh.

* Obey (5219 Strongs) = to hear under, to obey a direction, listen attentively.

·       All faithful service arises out of faith confidence in God.

* Unbelief    Ž Don’t trust His goodness, faithfulness, willing to reward.

                              Ž Idolatry – begin to think men determine your future and destiny.

                              Ž Give man a position in your life that God should have.

            * Unbelief towards God always reflects in how you serve people.


(i)      Eye service

·       Doing things so as to get noticed, please the boss, get ahead.

·       Results in fear, resentment, striving, envy, comparison, self promote, complaining.

·       Key motivation – to be seen of men!

(ii)     Passive resistance

·       Heb 3:18-19  Could not enter land because of unbelief.

·       “Believed not” – apeith (544 Strongs) = to refuse to be persuaded, disobey, to refuse to come into agreement, aligned.

·       Unbelief – apaistia (570 Strongs) = lack of faith towards God.

·       Unbelief in heart towards God ie inability to trust God Ž inability to obey Moses.

·       Peoples unbelief towards God (Num 13) reflected in attitude resisting Moses (Num 14).

·       People blamed the leader and resisted co-operating – unable to see God.

·       Col 3:23-25  Do heartily as to men – no respect of persons.

                        cf            Sarah

                                       1 Peter 3:5

                                       1 Peter 2:18-20







Col 3:22-25



1.      What is a ‘bond servant’?



2.      How does this apply to us today?  (What about if you are not in paid employment eg Mother, Volunteer, Unemployed?)



3.      What sort of attitudes should we have to our work?



4.      How hard are these for you and what makes them difficult?



5.      How can you overcome the negative attitudes?



6.      After reading these verses, what will you do differently this week at work/home?