1.      Introduction:  2 Foundation Values

·           Gal 5:13  “You have been called into liberty … by love serve one another”.

·           Liberty (Strongs 1657) – unrestrained freedom, no longer a slave, free to go at pleasure.

·           Every Christian’s calling is to be free from all kinds of slavery.

·           One condition essential to maintain that liberty – must learn to serve in love.

·           Condition human heart born into world – self centred Ž “Give me”, “I want”.

·           If don’t have heart change then come into bondage to self.

·           Example:   Marriage     - It’s your job to meet my needs.

                        Church        - Feed me, take care of my needs, solve my problems.

                        God            - Bless me, meet my needs.

·           Fallen condition:  It’s all about ME!

·           If basic orientation in life is about getting, then we limit and destroy own potential.

·           True freedom:  By love (motivating force) serve one another.

·           Can give without loving but can never love without giving.

·           2 Cor 8:5    (1st)             Gave themselves to the Lord.

                        (2nd)            Gave themselves to serving by will of God.

·           2 foundation values of Kingdom of God Ž (1) Serving  (2) Faithfulness


2.      How To Get To The Top – Who Will Be Greatest?

·           Mark 9:32-35  Disputed among themselves – “who should be greatest”!

·           Dispute (Strongs 1260) – to bring together different reason, debate, argue.

·           Greatest – most imminent or important.

·           Desire in the heart of every person to be significant – for life to count.

·           Desire (Strongs 2309) – to choose, determine, resolve, set direction in life.

·           Jesus did not rebuke the desire to be great – explained how to do it.

·           Must make a choice, determine, set the direction of your life.

·           Servant (Strongs 1249) – deacon – wait on tables, to run errands.  Person who watches out for needs and attends to them.

·           Greatness in Kingdom:  Learn to serve Father and serve others.

·           Great in God’s eyes?  Stop demanding – become a servant.

·           Example:   Paul

                        Rom 1:1      - Paul – a servant of Jesus called to be an apostle.

                        Tit 1:1         - Paul – a servant of God and apostle of Jesus Christ.

                        1 Cor 9:19   - Though free from all men – yet have I made myself servant to

                                             all that I might gain the more.

·           Matt 20:20-27  Not so among you – whosoever will be great – servant.

·           Disciples desired to be great – position in coming kingdom.

·           Given by Father – to those deserving of it.

·           cf              John 12:26  If any man serve Me, him will My Father honour.

                        John 3:30    He must increase – I must decrease.  John the Baptist.

·           Indignation (Strongs 23) – much grief, to be greatly irritated.  Feeling of strong mixed emotions of anger and contempt.

·           World:  People want position, power, control over others – conscious of position.  I am now over 50 people.

·           Kingdom:  Now I have 50 people to serve – totally different attitude!

·           Greatness Ž Servant (Strongs 1249) – to attend, wait on tables.

·           vs 28  Note:  No expectations of being served (Strongs 1401) – one who gives himself up to will of another.

·           Unmet expectations Ž frustration, irritation, anger, resentment.


3.      Token Of Greatness – Servants Towel

·           John 13:1-17  Do you know what I have done to you?  (vs 12).

·           Better way!  Way greatly blessed by God – become servant of Father and a servant to people.  (a)  Help me!  (b)  How can I help?


·           Footwasher failed – Jesus did it – showed the way to the top!

·           vs 14  I have given you an example – to show before your eyes as instruction.

·           If I your Lord (Strongs 2962) – supreme in authority.  You also ought!

·           2 categories:  (1)  Jesus – superior  (2)  Disciples – inferior.

·           Superior must bend to serve the lesser!

·           Feetlowest place in body; exposed to dirt, dust, mud, droppings.

·           Easy to see the failures, lacks, and reject and despise people.

·           Footwash = job of servant, bow down and minister to others needs.

·           Servant heart not seen in the success stories, glamour, attention.  Seen when willing to come down to dirtiest parts and clean.

·           Mark 6:36  Send them away! (disciples) – “You give them” (Jesus) Ž Draw upon God’s resources.

·           People – hurting, dirty, embarrassment, failed Ž Serve them!

·           Must look past failures, dirt, and see potential – what could be.

·           Don’t focus on faults and talk behind back, laugh at them.

·           Become servant to them – see what they could be.

·           Example:  Dirty rough fisherman? Ž Apostles, pioneers, martyrs.

·           Jesus at cross:   (i)      servant of Father – do His will.

(ii)        servant to men – carried their sin/shame.  Faithful as Son over

                                          His home.  Heb 3:5

·           Jesus was servant and was faithfulfinished what Father gave Him to do.  John 17:4

·           Church:  needs servants of God.

·           World:  needs servants of God.

·           Phil 2:9  Therefore God has highly exalted Him.






Gal 5:13-15



What are the most original excuses you have heard or used for not helping out?



1.      Have you ever felt that living as a Christian restricted your freedom?



2.      In what ways do you enjoy more freedom now than before you became a Christian?



3.      Why do many of us have the attitude that serving others is a burden, not a joy?

·         See Matt 16:25



4.      In what ways are you hindered from serving others?



5.      How can you remove or minimise that hindrance?