1.      God Delights In Truth and Judgement

Jer 9:23-24  “I am Lord – exercise loving kindness and judgement in earth.”

·           Lord delights in showing kindness and dealing with issues.

Jer 5:1-3  “Oh Lord are not your eyes upon the truth.”

·           In times of moral and spiritual decaytruth fails.

Is 59:13-15  People that speak and stand for truth are considered mad.

Jer 9:3-6  When people don’t walk in truth – can’t know God.  2 Thess 2:10-12  Love of truth.


·           Deceit = withhold truth/absence of truth/alter truth/create impression.

·           Impossible to have a relationship with God without truth.

·           Truth is foundational to building relationships.

·           Deceive neighbour:      (i)   deliberately mislead.  Prov 12:2  Lying lips = abomination.

                                                                                                 Deal truly – His delight.

                                          (ii)   hear and say nothing – come into agreement with what he

                                    has said.

                                          Eg, Num 30:4-7  Father/husband disallow in day heard.

·           Truth = God’s perspective on reality:  Seek truth Þ Seek God’s perspective.


2.      God’s Love Manifests in Truth and Judgement

·           Love    - lost its meaning.

·           Truth    - also lost its meaning – become relative/subjective.

                  - truth must connect to reality, objective.

1 John 4:10   Herein is love of God manifested – mercy seat, for our sin.

·           Love must express itself through giving.

·           Love of God characterised by:        à generosity                     - gave

                                                            à personal involvement     - son

                                                            à truth                              - word made flesh

·           God does not tolerate evil – exposes it with good.

·           God’s love:      (i)      confronts evil – manifests truth

                              (ii)      calls to repentance – period of grace.

                              (iii)     ensures there are consequences – free will

·           Tolerate        = allowance given to something don’t really approve of

                           = permit, put up with something even if disagree

                           Þ no opinion or idea is to be criticised

                           Politically correct = new idol = what is currently in vogue, fashion

·           Jesus taught that truth incorporated in life sets us free.

·           John 8:31-32   Truth = substance.  Lie = lack substance Þ unstable.

·           Key principle in dealing with people.

·           Key principle in raising children.

·           Cost in leading people.

·           Love = truth/calls for responsibility – ensures consequences.


à     Adam                  à     Noah

à     Egypt                  à     Ananias & Sapphira   

à     Israel

Example:       (i)      Luke 4:18 - anointing

                     (ii)      preached repentance

                     (iii)     wept and pronounced judgement


3.      The Cross of Christ Demonstrates God’s Love

- Mercy and Truth, Justice and Judgement

·           Cross:    (i)      sin judged – wages of sin = death

                     (ii)      mercy extended – Jesus our mercy seat

·           Cross – divides history – AD/BC.

·           Cross – truth of cross and name of Jesus confront and call for repentance.

·           John 3:16-19  For God so loved He gave – believe not is to be judged.

·           John 14:6  I am the way – no man.

·           Acts 4:12  Neither is their salvation in any other name.

·           1 Tim 2:5  One mediator between God and man.

·           God’s word divides as we absorb it into personal life and learn to apply it to own life then to others.


·           Need to:    (i)      seek truth

                        (ii)      speak relevant truth

                        (iii)     stay open to truth – can’t guarantee 100% right all the time