1       Introduction


Eph 1:11  “In Christ we have obtained an inheritance, being predestinated according to the purpose of Him who works all things after the counsel of His will.”


·           God has a purpose for your life – He formed you uniquely to fulfil it.

·           Purpose = the reason something exists – designers original intent for it.

·           God knew you before you were born and created you uniquely.


Eph 2:10  “… created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God prepared before.”

·           You were created for good works – to be productive, a blessing to others.

·           God designed you uniquely – you entered the world with an assignment to fulfil – it is your choice whether you discover and fulfil it.


2       Purpose = Fulfilling God’s Assignment for Your Life


Example:  Jesus

·           1 John 3:8  “For this purpose was the Son of God manifested – destroy works of the devil.”

·           Luke 19:10  “For the Son of Man is come to seek and to save that which was lost.”

·           Jesus’ life was focused – fulfilling a God-given purpose for His life.

·           Jesus’ harvest was attached to fulfilling His God-given purpose.

·           Fulfilling His purpose was His primary goal in life (John 17:4).


PrincipleJohn 17:4  “I have glorified You.  I have finished the work You gave me to do.”

·           Each of us comes into the world with an assignment to fulfil.

·           God calls you to leave a legacy for the following generation – something from which they can learn and be inspired.

·           Most people die with that assignment incomplete.

·           Graveyards are full of people who never became great – never assumed responsibility.

·           Churchill”:  “The price of greatness is responsibility.”

·           Abortion:  The destruction of potential, destruction of a legacy because of a refusal to accept responsibility.


Example:  David

·           Compare David (Acts 13:22,36) David served his generation by will of God.

·           David discovered the purpose God created him.

·           David embraced and yielded to the will of God for his life.

·           David left a legacy for his own generation and the next.


3       Without Purpose – Life’s Harvest is Destroyed


Example:  Israel

·           Judges 6:1-5   “Israel did evil in the sight of the Lord.”

·           God alone knows the purpose for which He created you.

·           He alone knows why He gave you life, desires, dreams.

·           Without God people are ignorant of their purpose.

·           Since people born into the world are separated from God – they are ignorant of their true purpose.

·           John 3:16  God gave His Son, Jesus Christ that you might have life - life apart from God leads to loss, destruction.

·           Ignorance of your purpose leads to abuse (abnormal use).


·           You can’t use something naturally until you discover why it exists and how it was designed to be used.

·           God wants you to understand His thoughts, His purpose for your life.

·           (vs2)  Dwelt in dens, caves, strongholds Ž concealed, hiding.

·           When separated from God – tend to conceal, bury potential.

·           Midian (4209 Strongs) = contention, strife.

·           The devil contends for your life – he wants to destroy your harvest.

·           To destroy your harvest he attacks your purpose for living.

·           When you are disconnected from God – devil steals your destiny.

·           If don’t submit to the Holy Spirit – something else will control you.

·           Life apart from God Ž controlled by things, people, spirits, circumstances.

·           You must decide now to discover God’s purpose for your life.


4       God Sees You According to Your Potential/Purpose


(vs6)  Israel cried to the Lord – the Lord sent a prophet.

·           The turning point came when Israel reconnected with God.

·           Connecting with God opens eyes to reasons harvest is destroyed.

·           Connecting with God opens new opportunities to unlock potential.


(vs12)  God sees you according to His purpose!

·           The Lord is with you – you mighty man of valour.

·           Gideon (1438 Strongs) = warrior, one who fells trees.

·           Gideon’s name described his God-given purpose in life.


(i)      Every person needs to see himself as God sees him


(vs12)  “You mighty man of valour” = Identity – who I am.

·       It is not what people, past, present say – What does God say.

·       People see us according to past and present – God sees our potential.


(ii)     Every person needs to discover God’s purpose for their life


(vs14)  “Go in this your might.  You shall save Israel” = Purpose.

·       Your purpose is connected to the will of God for your life.

·       When you connect with God – embrace His will, His purpose unfolds.

·       Embrace will of God = choice (1)  Face your fears, insecurities  (2) Discover your purpose.

·       Embrace your purpose Ž Serve your generation according to the will of God.





Cell Leaders:


Please don’t try and answer all the questions, focus on where you feel the Holy Spirit wants to take the group.  Draw people into “doing the word” not just hearing it.



Eph 1:11           God’s got a purpose for our lives!


Eph 2:10           Created for good works



Judges 6:1-6

1.     How would you describe the situation of Israel?


2.     How had Israel got into this position? (Judges 6:1)


3.     What was God’s purpose for Israel? (Ps 135:4, Deut 19:5)


Judges 6:11-15

4.     What was Gideon doing when the Angel came and spoke to him?


5.     How would you describe Gideon? (Judges 6:15)


6.     How did the Angel address Gideon?


7.     What does this say about what God sees in us?


8.     Israel was disconnected from God living below their purpose and had become the victims of a foreign army.  How does this relate to our lives?


9.     How connected do you currently feel to God and your life purpose?


10.  What will you do about it?