·      1 Jn 2:20 You have an unction of the Holy One and know all things.

·      Each believer has an anointing or empowering of the Holy Spirit.

·      When God gives you a responsibility - He will give the ability to manage it.

·      The anointing is the empowering to function in or fulfill a God-given responsibility.

·      “Know all things” - does not mean you know everything.

·      “Know” = to perceive, or become aware of.

·      The Holy Spirit gives you spiritual perception and understanding.




1 Jn 2:27  The anointing you have received abides in you.


i)   The Anointing is Resident

·      The anointing does not come and go it abides i.e. continues or remains.

·      The anointing is within you - in your spirit.

·      The anointing can be accessed at any time you need to.


ii)  The Anointing Teaches You

·      This does not mean you do not need to receive teaching/instruction.

·      God has gifted people to teach - You must be open to receive.

·      The Holy Spirit teaches or instructs you.

·      The Holy Spirit arises within your spirit and quickens thoughts, ideas, desires, understanding, discernment.

·      The anointing will make you aware of what is happening and what needs to be done and provide ideas what to do.




·      Phil 2:13 It is God which works in you both to will and to do of His good pleasure.

·      “Works” = energeo = to be active, to energise, to show self strong, mighty.

·      Don’t limit how God works or speaks or directs you.

            - Don’t wait for a loud voice or special feelings.

·      The Holy Spirit arises when your spirit is open and inspires thoughts and desires so you see what you need to do and want to try it.

            - He directs your attention to important things.

            - He quickens spontaneous ideas and thoughts.

·      Compare

            Satan - puts evil thoughts in mind.  You decide to receive, believe and act.  Person can’t tell easily if own thoughts or demonic thoughts.

            Holy Spirit – Puts good thoughts and ideas in mind.  Person can’t tell early if own thoughts or Holy Spirit inspired thoughts.

§  Key:

Learn to trust the anointing with and act on it.






(a)   The Anointing abides within – Trust it.

§  No leader can be effective until believe “God is at work in me”.

§  Planning, hard work, faithfulness are necessary.

§  You must not lead from logic alone but also by “inner knowing”.

§  If you know God has positioned you – you can be confident – not “self confident” but “God confident”

§  If inward doubts or questions about yourself arise – hesitant and feeble.


(b)   Satan’s attacks are made on your positioning.

§  Your position in Christ.

§  Your ministry position or role

§  He attacks you with thoughts of accusations, condemnation and inadequacy to cause you to lose confidence in God and let go your spiritual position.

§  Every person is subject to these attacks – they are his strategy.

§  You must chose to stand your ground, hold your position, reject his thoughts.


(c)   How the Anointing is Released.

§  The Holy Spirit quickens spontaneous thoughts and ideas.

§  To be confident and bold and able to lead you must come the point where you will simply yield to what is flowing within.

§  When you yield to the anointing you release the Holy Spirit to work within.

§  Learn to speak out, act, move out on gentle promptings.

§  Your knowledge is not complete but as you step out and act on what you have or what needs to be done, progressive understanding is given.  There is a flow of the anointing within you.




(1)   Keep spirit man activated – energised.

§  Acknowledge the anointing.

§  Focus thoughts on the Lord.

§  Flow strongly in tongues.

§  Listen for inward impressions.


(2)   Lead forth strongly and sensitively.

§  Relax and smile.

§  Speak forth strongly – not hesitant.

§  Lead activities joyfully and with energy.

§  Don’t yield or draw back if the atmosphere is “tight” or intimidating.

§  Initiate activities – create movement forward involving others.

§  Draw upon Holy Spirit for ideas.

§  Be aware of the “flow”, hesitant, passive disjointed, heavy, free.

§  Take initiative and flow to where there is “Life”.

§  If need be confront negative atmospheres boldy.


Focus – Agree – Yield!