Rom 13:1-2

Kingdom principles – radically different from community around.

God has established authorities, which are recognised in the spirit world.


Two positions or responses:-

     Hupo tasso     -    to be subject, submit, position under (for military array)

     Anti tasso        -    to resist, position oneself against

Both choices have consequences.


A       Resist Authority

·      Resist God – receive penalty, bondage, does not go well for you.  Eg, speeding fines, pregnancy outside marriage, resist school teacher.

·      A yoke comes on you – due to sin, heavy responsibility, duty.  Jer 27:8

Characteristics of yoke:

·      Loss of dignity, freedom.

·      Bowed down.  (Luke 13:11, Lev 26:13, Is 10/27)

·      Bearer has no authority over it.

·      Enslaves you.

·      Brings stress, tension (shoulders and neck).

·      Like a prison – restricted, oppressed.

·      Beast of burden.


Yokes or bondages come when we are carrying what God never intended us to bear.

Because it is not your responsibility, there is no grace given to carry it.


B       Respect Authority

Position yourself under.

You come under the mantle of the person over you.

·      A position of protection, warmth, covering.

·      Non-restrictive in design (loose, sleeveless).

·      Represents social standing or position.

·      Announces our authority or position to those around us.

·      Like a greenhouse, brings to full potential those under it.

A mantle rests on you when you operate in the authority and anointing that God has ordained for you.


If the woman is resistant and ‘yoked’, her husband is dismantled.

When we submit to God’s established order, the yoke is broken, the husband is clothed in God’s mantle of leadership, the wife and children are covered/protected.


How Can We Do What God Has Called Us To Do?


·      We need His grace (power/ability) to be released into the situation.

·      Men and women need grace to do what they are called to do, to be positioned right and have a good attitude.



How do we access grace?

ie, draw it over our lives, tap into it.

Rom 5:1-2  By faith – we access grace.

Faith – responding to Word of God, acting on it.

As we respond, grace is released.


Example, as a wife releases the burden of family finances to her husband:

·      She stops criticising, belittling, nagging, complaining.

·      She declares her confidence in her husbands leadership.

·      She allows him to do it his way.

·      Stands in a place of ‘oneness’, agreement.

·      She has confidence and trust in the Lord, ie makes a firm stand.

·      Her husband will grow from a boy to a man of the spirit.

·      The anointing will come over his life giving him a new boldness, decisiveness, authority.

·      His wife will feel peace, protection, freedom, blessing.

Note:  Weak women don’t make strong men.  God makes strong men.  God also makes strong women.  Let God move.


Women will view their husband differently – as best friend, companion, a gift from God, and love and enjoy them.


Scriptural Examples

A       Wife resisting/despising Gods authority – David/Michal  2 Sam 6:16,20


v.9     Fear of God.  Sought God.

v12    Hungered for God’s presence and blessing.

v14    Honoured God above the people and wife.

v17    Prepared a place for God/worshipper.

v19    Was a ‘servant leader’.

v20    Found greatest resistance in own home.



·      Clung to old ways (Saul’s daughter)

·      Misused her position, tried to manipulate David.

·      Not involved, spectator, critical on sidelines.  No ‘oneness’.

·      Despised husband in her heart (chose bitterness instead of grace).

·      Mocked when he came to bless/lead in a manner she wasn’t accustomed to.


Consequences of Michal’s choice – yoke of bitterness and barrenness.


B       Women seeking/receiving authority – Ruth 3:1-9, 4:13,15

·      Received instruction from older woman (Naomi).

·      Placed herself under Boaz mantle, protection.

·      Authority acted on her behalf and she brought for life, restoration.

·      ‘Christ life’ came forth.  (Her child was great grandfather to King David)



Creating An Atmosphere For God To Move In, Or An Environment For Change


1   Accept and affirm the person placed in the role

Gal 5:6  Faith is energised by love.

Women – give men respect, so they don’t have to ‘earn it’.

Men – have a genuine heart of love and serving.  Only be assertive in prayer.

Enjoy and appreciate one another.


2   Reinforce, respond to positive efforts – encourage, cultivate

Watch for good, not bad.

What you show pleasure of, you’ll get more of!


3   Watch your confession – speak faith words  Prov 18:21, Rom 4:17-21

Call forth potential, things that are not as though they are.

Declare God is your source, and your answer.

Wrap yourself around, fully embrace Gods promises.

Believe God is able to perform what he has promised.


4   Live out of the ‘new man’ – let your emotions be filled with the Spirit of God

1 Cor 13:4-8  shows the God kind of love.

1 Pet 3:1-4  the ‘supernatural’ spirit wins the unsaved man, without a word!


5   Allow room for failures, lapses, slip-ups  Heb 4:16

If we are thankful for Gods mercy, we will be quick to forgive.

If we respond right to failure, it becomes a stepping stone to growth.



Every choice has consequences.

Once we have made a choice, we cannot change the consequences, but we can change the choice and alter the consequences.



Much resistance to assuming responsibility and leadership and consequent withdrawing from your wife comes as a result of criticism and control in your background (especially by women).  A fear of failure enters and robs you of faith.  Your future does not have to be a repeat of the past, don’t let it affect your future.

·      Face and resolve your background issues.

·      Face your fear of failure.

·      Take a step of faith, believing for God’s grace to empower you.



Resistance to change can also be a projection of unresolved baggage.  We don’t trust.  How can we let go the weight of the household to a man who we can’t even trust to put the rubbish bag out!

·      Face you fear of letting to control.  Put your faith in the Word of God and let the Lord build your house.  Stop belittling, nagging, criticising.

·      God will break the yoke if it’s not yours to wear.

·      If you are single, and it is your responsibility, God’s grace will empower you.




·      What has God called and empowered me to do?

·      What has God not called me to do and is a yoke for me?

·      Where did my fear of failure originate from?

·      Where did my fear of letting go control originate from?

·      How can I improve my environment for change to take place?