1.    Introduction


·         1 Cor 11:3  Christ is the head of the man, the man is the head of the woman.

·         Head – role of leadership: authority God has designated to the man.

·         Authority – greater value.  Both husband and wife are of equal value (Gal 3:28)

·         Authority – how God has organised the roles to fulfil His purposes.

-                                   responsible to protect those of lesser authority.

i.               Man is the head (1 Cor 11:3)

ii.              Woman is his help meet (Gen 2:18)

·         1 Cor 11:10 “For this cause ought the woman have power on head because of angels

ought    3784    -    to owe, is indebted, under obligation; benefit, gain advantage.

power   1849    -    delegated authority, it is lawful.

                         -    person delegated authority or legal right to exercise power.

·         God calls the women to come under the leadership order He has established.

Submit – hupotasso – to arrange self in order or battle array beneath delegated authority.

·         Because of the Angels” – reason that women needs to position self.

Angel can be:

i.               Angels of God

ii.              Messengers of Satan  (2 Cor 12:7)


2.    The Interaction of Spirit World/Human World


a)  God has created an ordered universe


       Ps 8:4-7 “You have made him a little lower than the angels”.

·         God is a God of order – created an orderly universe.

·         Rules and principles govern both natural and spiritual worlds.

·         One of most important rules is one governing authority relationship.

·         All created beings in universe are ordered in hierarchy of authority.

i)    Angels - Archangels (Michael/Gabriel) Cherubim, Seraphim, angels.

ii)   Demonic Beings - Archangel (Satan) Principalities, powers, rulers, demons.

iii)  Human Beings - to government; work; home; church.

·         Humans have been created to rule over the angels (1Cor 6:3)


b)  Rules that govern conflict in the natural/spiritual world


·         Satan is a created being – required by God to strictly obey rules (Job 1), he is confined to work in darkness.

·         God has created laws and principles that govern natural and spiritual realm and he upholds them by his power.

·         There are only 2 positions you can take in relation to what God has ordered.  Rom 13:1-2

Submit    -    hupertasso    -      arrange self under

Resist     -    antitasso       -      arrange self against

·         Spirit world recognises all authority relationships – that God has established and must yield to the lawful exercise of that authority.

·         Demonic spirits are able to see the spiritual condition of any individual and identify any legal grounds to attach (Matt 12:43, Acts 19)


·         Human beings can yield authority over their lives either to God or to Satan.

(Luke 4:16, Rom 6:14)

·         Allegiance/obedience increases the authority/power of God or Satan in persons life.

·         Whatever a leader (head) does with their authority affects every person under their care.

eg    Luke 4:6   -    Disobeyed to God automatically yielded rights to Satan.

                               -    When person yields authority it is used by Satan against them.

       eg   Exodus 20:4-6

·         Any commitment, dedication, curse or blessing entered into by a person in one generation may give authority over that persons descendants.  Eg, Adam, Abraham, David, Acham, Eli.

·         If such curses, commitments not cancelled they pass generation to generation.


3.    The Husband is the Spiritual Gatekeeper


a)    God calls men to provide protection.


Eph 5:23 “Husband is head of wife as Christ is head of church and He is the saviour of the body”

·         “As” – in just the same manner as follows.

·         Saviour – to deliver, to protect, to make safe.

·         Subject – to place oneself in battle array under the leaderships direction of husband so as to flow as a team and fulfil the purpose God intended for the man.

·         Note:  Eph 5 – order in relationships precedes Eph 6 – spiritual warfare.


b)  A gatekeeper controls the entrance


·         Matt 16:18-19  Gates – place of entrance, authority.

·         OT – elders sat in the gates – made decisions, exercised authority.

·         Whatever spiritual influences enter family come as a result of the exercise of authority of the man.

·         Man can allow demonic activity or allow Holy Spirit activity.

·         Man has greater authority – greater responsibilities. ie, man assigned task of protecting those more vulnerable, not taking advantage in the home/church.

·         Key principle in exercising authority is service.  (Matt 20:25-28)  Motivated out of love.

·         Purpose of that authority:

i.               Protect

ii.              Bless (nurture)  Gen 2:15


4.    How a Man can Protect his Home


·         He must fully assume God given responsibilities and exercise authority in love.


a)    Spiritually


i)              Personal relationship with Christ – connected, receiving guidance, resolve personal issues.

ii)             Holding wife and children in heart – shouldering responsibility.

iii)            Exercise spiritual authority – speak into spirit world to forbid/release – break spiritual attacks on wife.


b)     Naturally


i)      Hold fast his covenant commitment.  Mal 2:15  (wife attached in security)

ii)     Listen to his wife – needs, concerns.  1 Pet 3:7 (wife attached in loneliness)

iii)    Honour and value his wife.  1 Pet 3:7  (wife attached in low esteem)

iv)    Give direction in home – values, responsibilities, priorities.  Josh 24:15  (wife attached in burden)

iv)    Maintain family unity/agreement.  Ps 133, Matt 18:19, Matt 12:25