-          Road Rage

-          “Falling down”



Ezra. 4:4-6      -           Hired counsellors against them to frustrate their purpose.


Frustrate          =          6565 Breakup, disappoint, cause efforts to be blocked or



·                     Everyone has moments or seasons of frustration.

·                     Frustration      

-          Feeling of being hindered, barrier to accomplishing your goal, blocked

-          Can be person, thing, machine, relationship, circumstance.

-          Feeling that something or someone is holding me back.

·                     Need to learn how to handle frustration – it will come to you!



Phil 4:10-13     Paul


·                     Learned           =          acquired ability to handle frustrations and obstacles.

·                     Paul experienced opposition continually to his work and ministry.

·                     E.g: shipwreck; riots; false accusations; stoning; demonic opposition; prison.

·                     E.g: 1 Thes. 2:18  “I would have come but Satan hindered us” 1465 = impede, detain.

·                     Content           =          satisfied to point where not disturbed by situation or circumstances.   Lit     =          to raise a barrier that wards off.

·                     Know how       =          has learned how to live in good and bad.

·                     Instruction       =          “Learn the secret” of handling every situation.


NB       Frustration is not external but has its root on the inside.

            Frustrating people/things/circumstances – won’t affect you unless you permit

it to.

External circumstances trigger something that is within.


Cause of Frustration


1.    Inability to accept self way God made you – angry, life dealt bad.

2.    Reluctance to deal with things from past – accumulated, anger, e.g. childhood; failure; sin; mistakes – haven’t faced, running.

3.    Refused to deal with sin – things that know are not will of God.  .e.g. present habit; attitude; e.g. anger; bitterness – continued reaction to people, uptight;

fear – trying to control.

4.    Perfectionism – trying to be in control of life, people, circumstances – Goals always out of reach – frustration.


·         Changing the circumstances doesn’t make any difference.






How People respond to Frustration


·         Feel powerless – angry reaction at self and others

·         Blame or accuse others

·         Attempt to control or manipulate circumstances.

·         Try to escape – withdraw

e.g. doctor – something wrong with me/need something to perk me up/dependent.


Is 14:27           Lord has purposed – who can frustrate, turn him back.


·         Some periods of frustration are deliberately permitted by God.

·         Why God frustrates us?

1.    Bring deeper relationship

2.    Develop your character

3.    Get your attention – something hadn’t thought of.

·         Sense of restlessness, frustration can’t quite put finger on.

·         Sent to deal with area hadn’t thought of

Direct you to go where would not have gone.



·                         How to Handle Frustration


Phil. 4:13         “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

·         Not            =          can do anything want to.

·         =                can do all God wants for me

·         Strengthen            =          enduomai to empower, enable, make strong


1.    Look Inside            -           anything to face?        To change?

2.    Look to the Lord    -           what trying to say?      - listen

-          can’t make God hurry up – must wait on him and trust him to lead, direct as surrender.

-          Acknowledge his love care personal interest.

-          Surrender to him and allow him to direct.

-          Express gratitude to him for working it out.