1.  INTRODUCTION - Our Personal warfare

2 Cor. 10:3-6


Key Insights:


·      We are engaged in a warfare - Born Again into God’s Kingdom, enrolled as a soldier.

·      The enemy is Satan - seducing spirits that stalk, work to deceive, rob, bring to bondage.

·      The battlefield is the soul - mind, will, emotions - whatever controls the soul controls you.  3 Jn.2 Prosper as your soul prospers.  Mt.22:37 Love the Lord with all heart and all soul and all strength.

·      The enemy devises strategies ‘wiles’ = 3180 methods, to lie in wait to attack and capture.

·      God has give us weapons that are mighty - powerful through dependence upon Him.

These weapons are used to pull down - 2506 = to demolish with violence.

·      The goal of the warfare is bringing our thought life into obedience to Christ.




a)  Your Life follows the Things that You Think on

·      Prov. 23:7 As man thinketh in his heart so is he”

·      Job 31:1 Covenant with my eyes (vision, pictures) why think on a maid.  V7 - Heart walk after my eyes.

·      What you see creates inner pictures in imagination that the mind ponders on.

·      What the mind ponders on affects the heart - the affections and longings.

·      Rom.8:5  Those who walk after the flesh mind the things of the flesh.

·      “Mind” (5426 Strongs) = to exercise the mind be interested in.


b)  Your Imagination is Your Creative Faculty

·      Imagination = capacity to picture, to dream, to create images or pictures of things not yet seen in reality.

·      Inner eye, inner screen enabling you to picture things that were (past), things that are (present), things that might be.

·      The inner man works strongly with inward pictures.

·      The Holy Spirit communicates through inward thoughts, impressions and pictures.


·      The Imagination is connected to your desires

·      You tend to picture things you desire and desire things you picture  e.g. Big Mac.  E.g. Josh.7:8 Achan - saw and coveted and took.


·      When Imagination, desire and will agree things conceive in heart

·      Vision conceives e.g. building, career, ministry, family.

·      Sin conceives e.g. Ja.1:14 lust conceives, brings forth sin

                                    Acts 5:4 Why have you conceived in your heart to be?

·      The Seed conceived in heart can be

            Cultivated - nurtured until it comes forth

            Miscarried - accidentally destroyed

            Aborted - deliberately destroyed

·      You need to learn how to nurture the dreams of God and pull down and demolish negative pictures of defeat and failure.




·      Whatever you can see within your mind is within your reach.  Gen.11:6.

Imagination and desire coupled with will and action make things possible.

·      Ruling our mind = God is able to fill it with picture that extend His Kingdom.




·      Ro.1:21  God not honoured and thanked - became (a process) vain in their imagination.

·      Vain = (3154 Strongs) = foolish, empty, idolatrous, self centred.

·      Imagination = (1261 Strongs) = purpose, inner reflection, cast in mind.

·      When God is not given the right place in our thoughts and imaginations then the enemy sows thoughts and pictures contrary to the purpose of God for our lives.

·      These thoughts and pictures exalt self and resist us knowing and walking with God.    2 Cor.10:5  Imagination a high thing that exalts self against the knowledge of God.



Daydreams - Mind pictures people, events with self at the centre  Creates imaginary world with self at centre where defeat is impossible.


Fantasy - People escape reality and painful experiences by entering an unreal world e.g. TV, video, games, books or by living in unreality imagining they can do anything for God.


Wrong Desires - People picture themselves fulfilling desires contrary to the Will of God.  E.g. Eve Gen.3:5 - shall be as gods - self exalting thoughts.


Hurts, Wounds, Injustice  People rehearse the pictures of these experiences like a mental VCR - anger, resentment, fearful.


Failures  People picture negative outcomes and their heart fills with fear.

Num.13:33  In own eyes as grasshoppers

cf Num.14:9  Bread for us.




i)    Recognise - Think what you are thinking about, dwelling upon.  What is going on in your thoughts?  What type of thoughts.


ii)   Resist - Practice first frame resistance, catch the first impression.

            Dwelling on pictures and thoughts develops and intensifies them.

            Speak against the thought - refuse it - talk to God about it.

            “Captivity” = make a prisoner of war.


iii)  Refocus - Choose to think about something good, godly - Phil.4:8 Whatsoever things are good - Think!


iv) Rebuild - Make conscious effort to develop godly thoughts by regular input of the Word of God.

            Meditate = to ponder, roll around in mind, picture.

            Josh.1:8 Meditate to do and you will prosper

            1 Tim.4:15 Meditate and give self - that profiting might appear.







Do not attempt to answer all the questions.


1.  Read 2 Cor.10:3-5


·      Why are thoughts and imaginations such an area of conflict in your life?

·      Why does the Bible use the term stronghold to give a word picture of some of the mind sets people have?  What would a “stronghold” have been like in those days.

·      Can you explain how mind sets or negative patterns of thoughts are self centred or “exalt self”.

·      How do mind sets or negative patterns of thought resist you knowing God?

·      Can you identify any repeated thought patterns or mind sets that you struggle with?  Can you give it a name?

·      Which of the five common areas of struggle do you find most difficult to overcome?

·      I) Daydreaming, ii) Fantasy, iii) Wrong Desires, iv) Hurts and Injustice, v) Past failures.

·      How do you think it affects your relationship with God?  with people?

·      What could you do to change this?  Are you willing to?

·      The goal of this warfare is to bring your thought life into obedience to the Word of God.  What scriptures would apply to the pattern of thought you struggle with?