The Life that Honours God




(a) What do we mean by honour?

            Rom. 1:21

·      Dishonour - lack of gratitude and take for granted - relationship deterioration.

·      Honour  Definition = recognise persons worth/value by appropriate attitudes and actions.

     To value person and to give place of importance, priority in life.

·      Dishonour Definition = to despise or place no value or priority upon the person.


(b) How do I honour God?

·      He is worthy to be honoured because of who he is - creator (Rev. 4:11)

·      He is worthy to be honoured because of what he has done for us - redeemed us (Rev. 5:9 - 13)

·      Those that honour God will be honoured by him - 1 Sam. 2:29-30.

·      Who has highest priority in your life?  Whom do you seek to please the most?

·      How do I honour God.


            Key:    Pursue the purpose, priorities and praise of God throughout your life.

                        Pursue = to make a strong effort to follow and take hold of.




(a) God has an eternal purpose for us

            Eph. 1:4 “God chose us before the foundation of the world”.

·      People have different world views on life;  Why am I here?

·      Many see it as an accident that evolved, chance, out of control, cycle.

·      Christians see life as part of God’s sovereign purpose.

·      God has purpose for me.  That purpose was set in motion before creation.


(b) God’s purpose is personal

Eph. 2:8 - 10  You are saved by grace, you are His workmanship, created for good works which God prepared before for us.

·      God reaches out to each of us personally and draws us to salvation.

·      God is interested in our personal life and development.

·      God has prepared activities for us to accomplish uniquely suited for our personality, gifts, passions, experiences and life situation.


c)  God’s purpose is practical - live it with passion!

            Ro. 12:1 - 2

·      When you accomplish what God calls you to do your life honours him and you become fulfilled.   Doesn’t matter what others do.  Do what God calls you to do!  Jn. 21:22.

·      Present = (3936 Strongs) = yield, make available be ready to aid or assist.

·      As you make yourself available to God to express his life and purpose through you, you discover his will and how good it is.




·      When you take the simple activities of life and do them as an act of worship - God is honoured and your life has purpose.

·      Mal. 1:6 - 8  When your life has purpose and meaning you can do all things with excellence that honours God.

·      Col. 3:23 Whatsoever do, do heartily to the Lord, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance.




(a) Priority:

Something that is of value, importance that takes a position or place ahead or in front of other things.

·      Mt. 6:20 - 24, 33  Where your treasure is - there will your heart be.

·      Treasure - things that we value and place high priority on, invest in.

·      Whatever we value and invest in our heart is involved in, captured by.

·      It is impossible to serve - give yourself entirely over to two masters.

·      mammon = wealth, cannot give first place to wealth and not despise God.


(b) How discover priorities?

i)    Activities - How do you allocate your time and treasure?

·      You always find time for what you really want to do!

·      Where spend time reveals what is really important to you.

·      What spend money on reveals what is really important to you.


ii)   Anxieties - What do you worry, become concerned about?

·      Whatever you focus concern on, become anxious about are your priority.

·      Anxieties, cares divide our mind and heart unless yield to God’s care.


iii)  Ambitious - What are you seeking to get, to build, to buy?

·      v33 Seek first God’s Kingdom - His rule and priorities in your life. (Mt. 28:19 - 20). 

·      His priorities are found in Great commandment and Great Commission.  Go ye.  (Mk. 12:30 - 31).

·      His priorities are found in His Word and by listening to the Holy Spirit.



Jn. 5:41 - 44 - How can you believe who receives honour one of another and seek not the honour that comes from God only.


·      Each of us is created with desire for honour = value and place of importance.  What is your source?  Whose approval are you looking for?


a)  Four consequences of seeking the approval and praise of people:


1.  Leads to disappointment, offense, hurt - when it does not come.

2.  Distorts our priorities and attention from God.

3.  Erodes a life of faith and trusting God.

4.  Leads to compromise.



Jn. 12:42 - 43.  Loved praise of men more than praise of God.

Gal. 1:10 If I pleased men I should not be the servant of Christ.


·      Let go your desire to be praised, recognised by people!

·      If comes - great!

·      If doesn’t - no big deal, looking for God’s approval.


b)  Four consequences of seeking the approval and praise of God


·      Places God in the highest position of honour in your life.

·      It means you can stand up and speak out for God without fear.

·      God who sees in secret will reward you openly (Mt. 6:4)

·      Means you can give God and others credit and praise for what they have done.  (Jn. 7:18 - speak of self - seek own glory).












































·      Read through the study and familiarise yourself with the four main concepts of the study and the related scriptures.

·      The primary role of the discussion time is to refresh the concepts and to apply them to daily living.

·      Ask the Holy Spirit to help you penetrate and apply the teaching.

·      Don’t attempt all of the questions!


1.  Honour - Giving Value and Giving Place of Importance and Priority in your Life

            Rom. 1:21 - 24


·      How does lack of gratitude affect relationships?

·      Why does lack of gratitude dishonour and devalue people?

·      Why is gratitude and appreciation so important to maintaining relationships.

·      In what ways have you taken God’s goodness for granted?

·      Can you think of people you have taken for granted?  What do you need to do about this?



2.  Pursuing God’s Purposes Honours Him

            Eph. 2:8 - 10


·      In what ways does the Spirit of God work in your life to reveal you are valuable to God and an unfinished “piece of craftsmanship”?

·      What kinds of activities do you enjoy doing, feel most strongly about and feel a sense of fulfillment when you do them.

·      What kind of giftings do you have - things that seem to come naturally and easily to you?

·      How can you bring purpose and meaning to every day activities of your life?  (Rom. 12:1 - 2).

·      How do you respond to mediocre, half hearted workmanship?

·      In what areas of your daily life do you need to change your attitude and your quality of work.

·      How can we honour God in our daily activities?



3.  Pursuing God’s Priorities Honours Him

            Mt. 6:20 - 24, 33


·      What is meant by “priorities”?

·      What are some of your priorities in life, things you treasure?

e.g. personal life? Relationship with God? Serving God? Family relationships?

·      How does the great commission fulfill this commandment?

·      In what ways can you build friendships with unsaved people?

·      Who will you focus on first?







4.  Pursuing the Praise of God honours Him

            Jn. 5:41 - 44


·      Can you share about situations where you “gave in” or compromised so someone would not be upset?

·      How does this dishonour God?  dishonour yourself?

·      What steps could you take to grow in this area?

·      Can you share about a situation where you were looking for or expecting praise and recognition for what you had done and it didn’t come?

·      How did it affect you?  How did it affect your attitude?  What do you need to do to “let it go” and become focused on seeking the approval of God?