Ezk. 47:1  God’s plan of salvation is pictured as a river flowing from the threshold of the temple increasing in volume bringing healing and prosperity to everything it touches.  The image of life giving water is represented in Scripture from the Garden of Eden (Gen.2:10) to the New Jerusalem (Rev. 22:1) - from the Throne of God.




Ezk. 47:3-6  Ankle deep - knee deep - waist deep.  A river you could not cross.

·      Fear keeps us from total abandonment.

·      Fear controls and robs bringing spiritual death.

·      Perfect love casts out fear - 1 John 4:18


Let all dams, obstacles be removed and yield, embracing the mighty current of the Holy Spirit.

·      Place of abandoned obedience - submerged in the waters.

·      Let circumstances strengthen you from within building the inner man and increasing the anointing so the flow of living waters will be released.  Embrace this time of preparation.  Let go the bottom of the river - deeper intimacy.




John 7:38

·      The living waters flow through you and out to others.

·      The deeper we go the more yielded we are.

·      As the river flows we receive revelation, visions, prophecy and the miraculous.

·      This is the message of revival.

·      Gifts in our lives increase and enlarged hearts of compassion.

·      If the river doesn’t flow through you the waters becomes dead, stagnant and blessings cease.


We need to continue to drink so we can pour out.  We are poured out vessels for the Master’s use.


If the flow has stopped we have quenched the Holy Spirit.




Ezk. 47:7-10

·      Growth flourishing, abundance of life on the sides of the River.

·      Healing wherever the river flows.

·      Dead Sea 25% salt.  Fresh pure water diluted the salt so that every living thing could live in the waters that were healed.  Being in the flow keeps us young, vibrant, joyful and to bring healing to others.  Great Sea - Mediterranean.


The Glory and The Presence of God is in the River.







Hab.2:14  “For the earth will be filled with knowledge of the Glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea”

Is.60:1-2  “Arise, Shine for your light has come and the Glory of the Lord has risen upon you”…

·      Speak words of blessing over families and your city

·      Declare revival in your city

·      we are called to be fishers of men

·      We are being prepared for the plans and purposes of God for the increase of His Kingdom.


Hunger with Passion for His Glory and Presence.





·      The Church’s responsibility to intercede.

·      As Hannah cried out in intercession and God opened her womb, so he will open the womb of the church if we cry out.

·      Eph.2:10 - good works predestined.

·      There is work/ministry for everyone as the Harvest is reaped.

·      Catching, scaling, gutting, dressing, presenting, mending the nets, sending out.  Revival is messy.

·      As we set our differences aside and flow together in the living river in unity and love amazing things will happen.



The glory of the Lord will be upon the church - carriers of His Glory as we gather the harvest with joy.  “Arise Shine ..”




Ezk. 47:11 Swamps, marshes  - bogged down in circumstances, sin, compromise.

·      Demonic areas - no life - no flow - death and stagnation.

·      Must rise up and take up the sword of the Spirit.

·      Eyes off circumstances and on to Jesus.

·      Take hold of the promises of God.

·      Praise in all circumstances.

·      Power in the Blood.


Eph. 6:  “Put on the whole armour of God that you may be able to stand against the enemy”  We need to get back into the flow of the living waters of life if we have got into the swamps or marshes.  There is an anointing that breaks every yoke.  Declare breakthrough, breakthrough.  Stand up and fight and let the river flow out of you through your mouth proclaiming His Glory.




·      God supplies all our needs

·      Abundant fruit bearing because the waters flow from the Sanctuary.

·      The leaves for healing medicine - by His wounds we are healed.

·      A continual supply of God’s grace.



Ps. 1:2 “He shall be like a tree..”  Jer. 17:7-8 Roots.

Rev. 22:1-5 “A pure river of water - bear fruit - leaves healing of the nations”

Living water means flowing water there must be an inlet and there must be an outlet - flow in and flow out.  Jesus is the living water and HE want to flow in us and through us.  Let go the bottom of the river and flow with the Spirit of God.


Zech. 4:6 “Not by power nor by might but by my Holy Spirit, says the Lord of Hosts”.




Heb. 12:18-29


·      Moses the mediator under the old covenant

·      The veil has been taken away


·      Jesus the mediator under the new covenant

·      We can now come boldly through the blood to the Throne of Grace where the source of the river flows from.


·      All things that can be shaken will be removed


·      We are receiving a Kingdom that cannot be shaken

·      Open our hearts and allow the Holy Spirit to search out the negativity and sin in our lives.

·      Key Note to revival is the depth of revival will be determined exactly by the depth of the Spirit of Repentance.


·      “For our God is a consuming fire” - Repentance.


Imperative to stay in the FLOW of the cleansing healing River of God.  Look to the lamb the Risen Christ who sits upon the Throne “HE IS LORD”.


Seek His Glory - Seek His Face - Seek Him with all your heart and you shall find Him.


Seek Him for WHO HE IS.


Rev. 22:17 “Whoever thirsts let him take the water of life freely”.



















Note : Please do not attempt to answer all the questions.


1.  Read Ezekial 47:1-12


·      What does the river of God represent to you?

·      What are the things that would stop you moving out deeper?

·      Do you find difficulty in obedience and yielding to the Holy Spirit?

·      Are you conscious of the living waters flowing through you?

·      Do you receive revelation from the Word of God?

·      Do you understand revival?

·      Do you experience times of intercession for souls?

·      Through your circumstances do you feel God is preparing you?

·      What are ways we can break out of circumstances and demonic influences?

·      What are some of the things God supplies in His river?

·      Are you a fruit bearer like the trees on the bank of the river?


Read Ps.1:3  and Jer. 17:7-8


God’s Glory and Presence is increasing and the intensifying of His Glory to come no flesh will be able to stand in His Glory.


2.  Heb. 12:18-29


·      Why was Moses exceedingly afraid and trembling?

·      Why do we not have to be afraid?

·      Do you declare the blood of Jesus regularly?

·      Are there things in your life that can be shaken?

·      What does reverence and Godly fear mean?

·      What does the fruit of repentance mean?

·      Do you want to be carriers of His Glory?

·      If so are you prepared to pay the price and climb the mountain of the Lord?


Jump in the river and embrace all the Lord has for you.  Be spontaneous, free, joyful and liberated in the Holy Spirit this spells REVIVAL!