·      Ps.24:1 “The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, world and all that dwell therein”.

·      The great controversy of the world - who shall rule?  Who governs or directs?  Whose will/word shall stand.

·      All conflicts come down to issue : whose will/word will prevail?  I.e. a clash of wills.

·      The greater the clash of wills the greater the conflict.

·      Is. 14:13-14  “I will ascend.  I will exalt my throne (rule, will) I will be like the most High God.”  Lucifer was not content to be a steward he wanted to act like the owner.

·      Jn.5:30  “I seek not my own will but the will of the Father who sent me”.

·      Jesus had a servant heart - He desired to bring pleasure to His Father.




a)  Definition:

Owner = (1167 Baal) Master, one with dominion, husband, supreme authority, one with control.

Steward = (3261 O,Kodemeo) House manager, overseer, treasurer.  One who administers the property of another.


b)  Owner                                                                    Steward

     Legal right of possession = right to rule.        No legal rights - position of trust.

     Property belongs to him.                               Cares for goods that belong to another.

     Has the final say                                           Makes decisions but does not have final say.

     Calls stewards to account                             Must give account to owner.

     Can do with goods as he wills                       Must consider will and desires of owner

     Gives or delegates authority (source)             Receives and is under authority.


Note  The death of each person makes it clear they are stewards and not owners.  Everything they “owned” is given over to someone else.





·      There are three ways you can become an owner (i) Make something, (ii) Buy something, (iii) Be given something.

·      a)    God created all things:

·      Col.1:16-18  “All things were created by Him and for Him”.  Jesus is the true owner (Lord) over all things because He created them.

·      Rev.4:11  “You created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created”.

·      God takes pleasure in what He has made and He created it to enjoy it.

·      The one who creates or makes something is the legal owner.  He can determine what is done with what he has made.  He also knows how it best operates.

·      God desires to enjoy and receive pleasure in all He has made.

·      After creating all things God formed man and made him to be a steward over all the physical creation God owned.

·      Gen.1:28  “God put man in the garden of Eden to dress and to keep it”

·      Dress = (5747 Strongs) = to be a husbandman, to serve

·      Keep = (8104 Strongs) - to hedge about, guard, keep, protect from enemies.



·      As a steward Adam was given responsibility to protect and to cultivate what was entrusted to him.

·      Compare - church membership - members are stewards of the vision of the church.  Members are responsible to protect, promote and participate in its ministry.  All members are stewards of what God has entrusted to us.

·      Ps.35:27  “God takes pleasure in the prosperity of his servants”.


·      God has redeemed all things:

·      Eph.1:4-7  “Good pleasure of His will - redemption by His Word”.

·      Redeem :  

(59 Strongs OT)          = To purchase at the market place;  pay a price to


(3084 Strongs OT)      = To loosen from bondage by paying a price

(1350 Strongs NT)      = To be the next of kin who buys back a relative’s

                                                property that was lost by mismanagement.

·      God’s mandate to Adam was for him to prosper and be fruitful as a steward.  This required him to nurture (cultivate) and to protect (from the serpent).

·      Gen.2:16-17  God gave Adam great freedom as a steward but also set boundaries (Don’t eat) that recognised God as owner - Adam as steward.

·      God required him to be responsible and to be accountable.

·      Adam failed as a steward when he acted as an owner (independent).

·      Lk.4:6  “All this has been delivered over to me”.

Delivered = (3860 Strongs) = to surrender, yield up, give over, betray.

·      When stewards fail, Satan moves in and takes control over what God has entrusted to their care.  His strategy remains unchanged.  I.e. deceive stewards by causing them to question and doubt the goodness of God and to act as the owner (independent) and not the steward.

·      Christ redeemed us            -paid the price to loosen the bondage and ransom us.

                                                -acted as next of kin to buy back a relatives property

                                                that was lost by mismanagement.

·      When a person receives Christ a position of stewardship is entrusted to Him.

·      1 Cor.6:20  “You are not your own - you are bought with a price!”

·      The key issues : Who is the owner?  How well do I fulfill my stewardship?




i)    God owns everything

1 Chron.29:14  “…all things come of you and of your own we have given to you.


ii)   God calls every steward to give account

            Ro.14:12  “Everyone of us shall give account of himself to God”

            Mt.25:19  “The Lord of those servants comes and reckons with them - Gain?


iii)  God requires every steward to be faithful

            1 Cor.4:2  “Moreover it is required of stewards that a man be found faithful.

            Faithful            -protect and maintain what you have

                                    -invest and become productive

                                    -fulfill the purpose and will of the owner(Mt.7:21-22 Lord, Lord)

iv) God rewards good stewardship with increase, promotion

            Mt. 25:21  “Well done! - ruler over many things.



            God delights in the prosperity of His servants.

            God looks for opportunity to give increase.

            Poor steward lose what they have - decrease.


v)  Stewards know what God has entrusted to them and value it.

·      Time (opportunity)

·      Money - possessions (Mt.25)

·      Giftings (1 Pet.4:10)

·      Truth - Word of God (1 Cor.4:1, Mt.16:18

·      Calling (Col.4:17)

·      Relationships (1 Tim.5:4,8)

·      Words spoken (Mt.2:36)











































1.  Read Lk 12:15-21


a)  What wrong assumption did the man make -

            -about his time available

            -about his future

            -about his accountability to God

b)  How would he have been evaluated by those around him.

c)  Why did God evaluate him as being “a fool”.

d)  If you knew that in 7 days you would die how would this affect -

i)    Your priorities? - What changes would you make?

ii)   Your relationship with God?

iii)  Your relationship with people?

e)  Does this expose any areas where you have acted as an owner rather than a steward accountable to God.


2.  Identify some things that you are a steward of.

            What specific steps are you taking or could you take -

i)    To protect and preserve what you have

ii)   To invest in or develop what you have

iii)  To identify and fulfill God’s purpose or desire for you in that area.


·      What is the vision of this church.


3.  Church members are stewards of the vision of the church.

            Discuss this statement.

·      Identify practical ways in which church members can be stewards of what God has entrusted to us e.g.

i)    Protect

ii)   Participate in

iii)  Promote.