a)  Open Heaven - We need an open heaven


·      Open heaven - like a hole in the ozone layer - open window for blessing of God

·      1 Sam.3:1-4 - Word of the Lord rare - no open vision prophetic revelation.

·      Eli - old, blind, no vision, overweight, compromise, backslidden.

·      Sam - Young, spiritual, consecrated, fresh;  open to God

·      Period of time when heaven not open, no healing, no move of the spirit, no understanding.

·      No move of God - people dry, still do religious things, no substitute, spiritual reality.

·      Spirit of God moving - joy, liberty, freedom, purpose, vision.

·      People’s hearts hardened, “old” in attitude, lifeless, no joy.

·      God everywhere - in some places not moving.



b)  4 kinds of heaven


            Dt. 11:16-17  Lord shut up heaven, no rain, perish.

i.    Closed heaven - demonic atmosphere over city, easily seen, felt.  E.g. Bangkok - prostitution, San Francisco - Homosexuality, Las Vegas - gambling.

ii.   Resistant - not closed but have to fight, plough through.

iii.  Ready - people ready for breakthrough for spiritual leadership to arise.

iv. Open - Spirit of God moving, people readily saved.  E.g. Korea.


c)  Key to heavens over a city is the church


            Mt.16:18-19 Strong Church - keys to bind, loose.

            Church has responsible to open heavens in city.

            1 Pet.4:17 Judgment begins at the house of God.

·      If God wants to open heaven over city must first visit the church.  If the church is responsive then God opens heaven over the church/city.

·      Church is made up of individual lives, families, small groups.

Mt.23:13  Pharisess - religious people, no heart for God

·      Pride, judgment, resistant - attitude closed up heaven not only to themselves but also to others.

·      Lukewarm Christians don’t enter God’s blessing and hinder others entering (Rev.3:15-17)

Mt.3:16  Jesus walked under open heaven - move of Holy Spirit.

·      Why?  Relationship with Father, love, obedience, lifestyle pleasing.


d)  There is always resistance to an open heaven

Dan.10:12-13  Prince of Kingdom of Persia withstood me.

·      Devil sees blessing coming and resists - how?

a) Blocks release of God’s provision  b) Discourages breakthrough.

·      First place resistance faced is in the church.

E.g. Mary Alice - Prayer - opens heaven (Lk.3:21)           }

E.g. John Avanzini - Tithing - opens heaven (Mal.3:10)    }



·      People initially negative, resistant, indifferent, unresponsive. 

·      Why?  Demonic resistance.

·      As the Word preached, anointing released - breakthrough comes.

·      After blessing released devil tries to steal the Word of God and close up the open heaven again.  Mt.13:20-21.

·      Word of God must take root in your life.


e)  Dealing with Spirit of Debt.


·      Debt is a spirit that brings people into bondage - Prov.22:7

·      Spirit pushes people to impulse buying, living on credit - Debt.

·      One of the evidences of open heaven over finances lend not borrow.  Dt.28:12.

·      Overcoming a spirit requires both spiritual and practical action.


·      Don’t look for the “quick fix”

·      Quick fix     -

·      single solution, action that will solve all the problems

·      appeals to the soul, emotions, without taking responsible

·      attempts to place God under obligation.  God is God!


·      The blessing of God requires faith (Heb.11:6) and obedient lifestyle.

·      E.g. Acts 10:  Cornelius - memorial offering.

·      Note:           -

·      Devout man

·      Feared God

·      Gave alms

·      Prayed always

·      Just man

·      Good report

·      Head of household

·      Fasted

·      Influence on family and friends


·      5 aspects to breaking debt.

1.   Things must know

2.   Things must do

3.   Establish open heaven - Tithe

4.   Establish out of debt flow

5.   Put faith to work - Memorial Offering


·      3 things must do - Ja.2:17  Faith without works is dead

1.   Stop doing old things - running up debt

2.   Establish vision/plan and stick to it

3.   Develop confession of faith