God Values People




      3 needs that people have - self worth, significance and purpose

      Great area of pain that all people experience at some time:

a) I am of no value

b) What I do is of no value

      Cry in every personís heart is to be valued.

      Sin devalues us;† people can devalue us - ignore, take for granted.† World devalues people and discards them.





††††††††††† Rom. 1:21† Steps of deterioration in relationship with God.

      Dishonour - ungrateful - become proud and selfish - relationship deteriorates.

      First evidence of dishonour is ingratitude, take for granted.

      Whenever take God/people for granted and fail to express gratitude and appreciate them we dishonour them.

      E.g. children fail to thank mother and take for granted - dishonour.

      Relationships deteriorate without honour.

      Relationships are built and strengthened when we honour and value each other.

      The Bible is full of commands to honour.





      Honour Definition = recognition of a personís worth by attitudes and actions appropriate to that value.

      Honour† †††† (5092 Strongs NT) = Value, money paid, price

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† (3513 Strongs OT) = Glory, weighty, rich

(3366 Strongs OT) = Valuable, precious, prized, something rare.

      To honour someone is to value them and give them a place of value in your life.

      Dishonour † (819 Strongs NT) = Despise, remove value, make nothing of

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† (3639 Strongs OT) = To insult, wound

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† (5034 Strongs OT) = Despise, wither, lightly value.

      People are dishonoured when we treat them of no value, despise or look down on them and refuse to make them welcome.

      Rom. 14:1 - 4† ďReceiveĒ = (4355 Strongs) = To admit to friendship and hospitality.

      We are to receive and welcome people because God has accepted them.

      We are to receive and welcome people just as Christ accepted us (Rom. 15:7).

      Despise = 819 Make nothing of

      Judge = 2919 To try and condemn.








1 Cor. 12:23 - 26† Honour is vital to preserving relationship and unity in the church which is Godís family.


      Some parts are more visible, others are not.† Each member must be honoured.

      We need to honour people who operate unseen, or who seem of less value.

      God wants us to honour one another to prevent division.

      Schism = (4978 Strongs) - split, gap, tear in a garment, to sever.

      Honour nourishes peoples spirit - they feel valued as a person.

      When people are dishonoured - they are wounded, hurt and react by striving, fighting, withdrawal and division.

      Attitude of honour must be accompanied by words/actions.

      Note - NZ - Tall poppy syndrome/crab syndrome.

      Crabs in pot - none escape - pulled down by the rest.

      NZ find hard to honour - prefer to attack, find fault, criticise.

      Why?† Roots of rejection and envy cf Moses & Korah Num. 16:3;† Ps 106:16.

      1 Cor 12:26 - One honoured - all should rejoice, be happy with e.g. pay rise, new car, blessing, promotion.





a) Why?†††††††††

i)    We are created in His image - spirit beings (Gen. 1:26)

ii)   He has purposed to share government of all (Gen. :27) His

creation with man.

iii) He desires a family in the image of His Son (Rom. 8:28 - 29).


b) How has God demonstrated the value He places on us?


i)    The Price - He went to extraordinary lengths to purchase us back.

      Jn 3:16 - 17 God so loved - gave His only Son

      1 Pet. 1:18 - 19 Redeemed by precious Blood of Christ.

ii)   The Pursuit - He actively seeks us raising up people to pray, reach out, share His Love, persevere through our reactions.

      Lk 19:10 Son of man came to seek and to save the lost.

      Mt. 28:19 Go ye - mandate to the church,, its mission.

iii) His Presence - He is willing to make His residence in a house that is full of decay, corruption, cobwebs, spiders.

      1 Cor. 3:16 Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit

iv) His Power - He is willing to release His power &provision on our behalf to meet our needs.

      Heb. 4:16 Come boldly to throne of grace obtain mercy and grace to help.

      Rom. 8:32 - Freely gives us all things.






      Honour Him by giving the highest place and value in our life.


      Hate sin - value His holiness

      Express gratitude - Value what He has done

      Daily time with God - Value His presence

      Submit your plans - Value His direction

      Obey His voice - Value His family

      Friendship with Lost - Value His purpose and priority.


















































      Donít attempt to cover all the questions

      Pray about what areas need to be emphasised

      Discover what areas of Sundayís message:

††††† -were new and challenging

††††† -really stirred them

††††† -bought a reaction



1. Share an experience where you felt taken for granted or devalued.† How did it affect you.


2. Share an experience where you expressed value or gratitude to someone - How did it affect them?


3. Read Rom. 1:21 - 26.†† What happens in people when they refuse to honour and thank God?† What kind of changes can occur?


4. Read Rom. 14:1 - 4

      Are there people in the church that you have despised or judged (No need to name them!!

      What steps could you take to fulfill Godís directives in these verses what steps.

      Are there people that you have taken for granted and not appreciated?† Who are they?† What steps could you take to change this.


5. Discuss the 4 ways God has expressed how much he values you? (Price, Pursuit, Presence, Power).

      Have you taken for granted Godís value and love of you?

      What steps could you take to value the Lord for who He is and what He has done.