·      The Bible unfolds the purposes of God and reveals how He involves people.

·      God’s purposes always involve people who hear and respond to His Will in their generation.

·      King David saved his generation by fulfilling the Will of God (Acts 13:36)

·      People view world upheavals with alarm.  They are signs of what God is doing!

·      Destiny is not found in papers or media but in discovering plan of God.

·      God has placed the spiritual welfare and destiny of this city in the hands of the church.




a)  Gen.2:15-17 Adam and the tree in the garden - knowledge of good and evil.

·      Adam held the future of humanity in his hands.

·      The destiny of every human being hinged on him hearing and obeying God.

·      Every human being would be affected by his actions - Ro.5:12.


b)  Gen 6:8-14 Noah “Build an Ark”

·      Noah held the future destiny of humanity in his hands.

·      The destiny of every human being hinged on him hearing and obeying God

·      Every person living today has been affected by his actions.


c)  Gen. 12:1-3  Abraham “In you shall all families of the earth be blessed”

·      Abraham became the centre of destiny of God’s purpose for humanity.

·      The land promised to Abraham is continually the centre of world attention.

·      The promise that those who bless Abraham and descendants will be blessed still holds.

·      If the Jewish people all return to Israel with their money the whole world will be affected.

·      Abraham the centre of destiny.  Through him a Saviour came into the world.

·      In his day he heard and obeyed God.


d)  Exod.19:4-6  Israel “You shall be to me a Kingdom of Priests”

·      Israel became the centre of human destiny - the focus of God’s action.

·      A nation of people became the centre of God’s purposes.

·      Priest = person who approaches God on behalf of others and brings blessing from God to them.

·      The whole nation were called to be a channel of blessing to nations of the World.

·      Only through them could people access the living God.

·      The flow of divine favour and blessing depended on their hearing and obeying God.

·      (Dt.4:5-8 - What nation is there so great that has God so near to them?)


e)  Jn. 3:16  Jesus “Whoever believes on him shall not perish?

·      Jesus became the centre of destiny for God’s purpose and flow of blessing to humanity.

·      In his day access to the blessing and favour of God meant encountering Him.

·      All of humanity’s future depended upon him hearing and obeying God.

·      Through his obedience to death a channel of blessing has been opened to all nations.  Jn. 7:37 - If any man thirst - let him come to me - rivers of living water.

·      Human destiny has always centred upon people who responded to God.







·      Mt. 28:18-20  All authority - Go ye and disciple all nations.

·      The destiny of humanity was entrusted to the church of Jesus Christ.

·      A mandate - command has been given to influence all nations.

·      Rev.1:6 - He has redeemed us and made us Kings and Priests to our God.

·      The church has a calling to be:

i)    Priests - enter the presence of God with burdens and problems of people and bring forth blessing to people

ii)   Kings - to exercise authority/dominion and extend the rule of God.

·      The church holds the destiny of cities and nations in its hands.  It has been entrusted keys to restrict demonic activity and release divine blessing.


·      Mt. 18:18-19 I will give to you the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven whatsoever you bind on earth shall be bound also in heaven.

·      Real seat of power/government is the throne of God.

·      Church has access to the throne of God to bring forth blessing to cities, nations.

·      There are some areas over which natural government have no influence at all.

·      The church must arise and fulfill its mandate by hearing and obeying God.

·      The destiny of people in our cities depends upon what we do.


·      Jer.29:7  Seek the peace of the city - pray unto the Lord for it for in its peace you shall have peace.

·      Intercession is one of the most powerful tools given to us to bring forth blessing from the spirit realm to the earth.

·      The church must speak to God on behalf of men before it can speak to men on behalf of God.




1 Chron. 21:24-26


·      The Spirit of God is calling people to fresh intimacy, passion for Christ.

·      3 keys of David’s offering (priesthood).

1.  Not rely on what someone else did - Personal responsibility

2.  Buy it at full price - no short cuts - Personal Integrity/Excellence

3.  No offering without cost - Personal Sacrifice

·      David accessed the supernatural realm of God, the throne of God and brought forth fire from heaven.  Fire = Move of Holy Spirit.

            1.  Healing for the city (v27)

2.  Revelation of God’s prophetic purposes (22:1-2) for the city.

·      Our prayers can bring forth healing and prophetic direction for our loved ones, neighbours and for our city.















Do not attempt to answer all the questions.


1.  Read Gen.6:8-14 and Matt. 24:37-39


·      What is meant by the term “grace”?

·      How do we receive the grace of God?

·      What characteristics did Noah display (Gen.6:9)?

·      What is meant “walked with God”?

·      What difficulties, opposition must Noah have faced?

·      What characteristics of Noah’s day will be evident at the end of the age?

·      What was Noah called on to do?  What was its significance?

·      What are we called to do in this day?

·      How is “building the ark” similar to the “Great Commission”?

·      In what ways does the future of people in our city depend upon the church hearing and obeying God?

·      Discuss ways that you could improve your personal intercession for unsaved people and your personal efforts to befriend and reach them for Christ.

·      What could you do as a group in the area of intercession and outreach?

·      What target will you set together for growth in numbers of your group?

·      How will you go about gathering in people?


Thoughts to Ponder


·      If God left the eternal future of your friends and loved ones totally in your hands how many would be saved by your current efforts?

·      If God has not left the eternal future of your friends and loved ones in your hands then who has He given that responsibility to?