Num. 14:21 As truly as I live all the earth shall be filled with the glory of the Lord.

·      God’s people (Israel) failed to fulfill his purpose at that time.

·      God declares his long term purpose will be fulfilled - all the earth see His Glory.


Ex.33:18-19 Show me your glory!

·      Glory - manifestation of who God is - His goodness, power, holiness, majesty.

·      Glory of God is so magnificent it cannot be directly viewed by people.

·      v20 cannot see me and live.





·      The Bible records how and where God’s glory manifested.

·      People saw it in a veiled or concealed form or else saw it in the spirit.

·      God manifested his glory in different dwelling places - each one pointing to what he has reserved for the end times.

·      O.T. manifestations of the glory of God in natural buildings are prophetic pictures (types) of what he will do in the church.

·      Ex.24:17 Mt. Sinai - The glory was like a devouring fire on the Mount.

·      Ex.40:34 Moses Tabernacle - The glory filled it - no one was able to enter it.

·      2 Chron.5:14 Solomon’s Temple - The glory filled it - no one could stand.

·      Jn.2:11 Jesus - The glory was manifested in creative miracles.

·      Mk.9:2 Jesus - The glory filled his body and changed it.

·      Jesus human body veiled the presence of the glory of God.  The glory of God manifested powerfully through him wherever He went.  All the glory - goodness of God dwelt in Jesus bodily.  (Co.2:9).

·      Eph. 2:19-22  The Church - We are the temple that God desires to fill. 

·      God is at work building our lives together to become a dwelling place where his glory will be manifested for all the earth to see.

·      The glory manifests in measures - At this point we have each received a small portion of that glory (Eph. 1:13-14).

·      When we come together in corporate life the measure of glory increases.





Hag.2:3 Who saw this house in its former glory?  In comparison as nothing.

·      This a OT prophetic picture of the Church in restoration.

·      Its condition Hag.1:9 My house is waste!

·      The house of God was in ruins.  Everyone sought personal blessing.

·      The prophetic call came to rebuild the house of God, the temple.

·      v6-9 Hag. Prophecies concerning the end times of a great shaking spiritually and naturally that will affect all nations.

·      God’s purpose - fill the house (the Church) with his glory!

·      God’s promise - The glory of the latter house will be greater.

·      God saves the best wine until last (Jn.2:1-11)



·      Compared to the NT church we are as nothing but the glory will be greater.

·      The second coming of Jesus cannot take place until -

i)    Restitution of all things spoken of by the prophets (Acts 3:21), Hag.2:9

ii)   Gospel of the Kingdom preached in all the world, to all nations (Mt.24:14)

·      Waves of the Spirit of God will come on the church to bring rapid restoration.

·      When darkness increases in the world the glory of God will arise and be visible in the church and impact all nations. (Is.60:1).





·      Hag. 2:9  “The glory of this latter house shall be greater than the former”.

·      What was the glory of the former house (the NT church) like?

·      At Pentecost the glory of the Lord filled the house.


i)    Awareness of the Power of God - Supernatural Signs and Wonders!


Acts 2:1-4 Tongues of Fire                 Acts 5:14 Angelic intervention

Acts 4:31 House shaken                     Acts 19:11 Special miracles

Acts 5:15 The Shadow of Peter         Acts 8:39 Supernatural transport


ii)   Awareness of the Holiness of God - Judgment on Sin!


Acts 5:1-5 Ananias died - great fear (respect) for God

Acts 13:6-12 Elymas struck blind.


iii)  Awareness of the Grace of God - Transformed lives!


Acts 2:13 Bold speaking                     Acts 9:31 Church multiplied

Acts 4:4, 5:14 Multitudes saved          Acts 9:3 Dramatic conversions

Acts 4:34 Believer’s care for one another.


iv) Awareness of Sin and Rebellion Opposition and Division


Acts 5:4 Apostles                                Acts 8:1 Great persecution

Acts 7:59 Stephen killed                     Acts 13:50 Persecution

Acts 12:2 James killed                        Acts 14:4-5 City divided


v)  Awareness of Word of God Cities and Regions evangelised


Acts 19:10 - All that dwelt in Asia heard the Word (v20)

Acts 17:6 - These men turned whole world upside down.


The coming glory is preceded by a period of preparation and restoration.  Mk.1:1-5.  Prepare the Way - Repent!










Do not attempt to answer all the questions.




·      Read Exod. 33:18-23;  34:5-6

·      What is the glory of God?  What are some of the qualities listed?

·      Why can people not look upon God directly while in human body?

·      What do you think is the significance of the expressions:

            “You shall stand upon a rock”                                     (Mt.16:18)

            “I will put you in the cleft of the rock and cover you” (Col.3:3)

·      What does the “rock” symbolise?

·      How does a person “stand upon the rock” in practical terms?

·      Why is it so important for a believer to be established in their “standing” before God?

·      What erodes or undermines a believers standing with God?




·      Read 2 Chron.5:1-3; 11-14

·      What does it mean to be “sanctified”?

·      What role does the Word of God have in sanctifying us? (Jn.17:17)

·      What similarity is there between vs12 and Acts 1:15

·      How is the experience of the glory coming to Solomon’s Temple similar to the outpouring at Pentecost?  How does it differ?

·      How is verse 13 similar to Acts 1:14 and Acts 2:1?

·      Why is unity so important for God’s Spirit to move?  (Ps.133)

·      What was the focal point for the unity in v13?

·      What happened as the people gathered in corporate worship?

·      What was the impact upon people in v14?

·      What was the impact of God’s glory being poured out on:

a)  Disciples - Acts 2:1-4

b)  Unsaved - Acts 2:7,12,13,37,41

·      Why is it so important that the Word of God be preached when God’s glory is manifested?




·      Choose one of the 5 characteristics associated with the outpouring of the Glory of God in the NT church.

·      Examine one or more scriptures related to that and discuss its significance for us today.